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  1. You screwed it again.

    Don't worry, you're not alone. Soul Rush and it doesn't even work unless you hardcast it, instacast doesn't give the multiplier.
  2. Dungeon leave penalty

    Getting punished for leaving a trapparty with 5 other HM8s in the newest dungeons while they don't know any mechanics? Sounds like a great idea! (clearly sarcasm, stupid af idea)
  3. As far as I know, it only blocks their chat (so you don't see his messages and he can't whisper you).
  4. person w/an orb takes all party loot?

    Opening last boss in Cold Storage is literally a loss of gold for who-ever uses the orb. Orb costs ~4g and the one thing that CAN drop that is worth anything is a treasure pouch which is roughly worth ~1g, and some extremely rare 1/100000 reward. Who-ever opens the last boss / Jinsoyun should get the loot for letting others leech. Only time you should get free bid is if auction from first boss dropped an orb. EDIT: but like others have said, I'm done with random idiots ignoring this and bidding anyway so I just solo those dungeons as it takes 10 seconds, rip leechers
  5. There is a chance to get it from trove as well, even with just the two basic slots. While this is obviously no sure way to get it, could hope to obtain it that way.
  6. Returning Warlock

    As a Warlock, definitely Seraph for the Leech cooldown reduction (30% at cap) for both Ice and Shadow. Upgrade to Stage 12 -> Riftwalk 6 -> Raven 6. Leech will allow you to spam RMB 4 if you have the required badges for it, a sort of mini soulburn for yourself (forgot names of badges).
  7. best current build ?

    Overall Shadow may also be quite useful for you if you find yourself needing more life regen as your V heals you for insane amounts, 50% of Damage on Crit. Also best for ToI and PvP overall.
  8. Did you really fix Trove??? 100 Trove keys, 2 crits, doesn't feel like they fixed anything at all. (Quite the opposite)
  9. Maintenance on 4/26/2017 - Duration

    An update should only take a minute? Look at Warframe, you're playing your mission when all of a sudden you get a message they will patch soon. Patching is done within the minute and you can play again. (fixes etc should be done BEFORE taking down servers, not during the downtime)
  10. Mail - Reward Box

    Seems to have been a bug(?), restarting the game magically gave my items back.
  11. Mail - Reward Box

    Just logged back in now that the turtle event is live and noticed my reward box got completely wiped. Did I miss something in patch notes about wipe or is this a bug or something? The only thing that remains is a Brilliant Key that was already unlocked, all the other locked items are gone.
  12. Server Freeze and DC

    Please contact your provider. :PP
  13. Heartbreaker Quest is Bugged! Admins!

    Same problem here, both /dance and /dance2 do not work. Even searched for a video on youtube to make sure I did it right, it's broken. Europe, Windrest