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  1. I've got to agree there... NC has been very generous with us on issues in the past. I have no doubt they heard us and are trying to make it right. We've just got to give them some time.
  2. There are ways to get the gems without trove- maybe not all of them, but enough to get you started. What I've been doing is making alts, doing story for gems/mats and then mailing it to my main. I've got three Sapphires, three Citrines, and three Rubies from doing that. + Merchant of Wonders AP gems. Its doable, just slow grind. In regards to OP, you can def catch up. My clan and I all stopped playing around the same time to try a different MMO. They came back a month and a half before me, and one of them is already almost maxed gear (no raven yet, but everything else
  3. Yea, I know it's for pre-legendary, but with doing dailies and what not he should have a stage one quite easily. I also know what he asked, I just wasn't sure whether he was a newer player, and was aware of the benefits of completing it or not. Sounds silly not to do the story if it doesn't give you a free legendary right?
  4. That's a whole lot of no's. A better answer, would be that you're given a considerable amount of materials to make your transition to Legendary quite easy. Finishing the story also gives you AP gems, a soul, and a pet in addition to Moonstones, Soulstones etc.. 100% worth it to finish the story.
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