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  1. That's how they roll. :( They are NCSoft they will not remove bots, if the developer of the game couldn't remove it, don't expect from NCSoft(they can only copy). They are NCSoft they will not remove bots, if the developer of the game couldn't remove it, don't expect from NCSoft(they can only copy). That's not the issue, more bots = less players. They will never do it. More Upgrade mats = More RNG Boxes for them to make. TBH, I'm one of the legit player who uses weapon in ssp to kill the winning faction players, because the SSP is one sided on my serve
  2. Why? Hackers and Gold Sellers primary source of Gold were from Injured Soldiers and Meteor. Imagine a bot playing 24/7 how many Soulstone can he farm on (2-4 channels depends on the time)? /gg The only one benefiting are them. Players are usually in SSP for Mining and some Boss. I know they will always find a way to farm, at least we are stalling them from destroying the economy and/or the game. Some Players who's farming these will be forced to Dungeon or PVP which is a good thing because we will get more active players in arena and dungeons. Since they rem
  3. I played a lot of MMORPG and this is one of the most boring OWPVP GAME. The PVP here is dead plus the hackers are still out there doing freely what they want. Too bad, I thought when I check the game after a month there will be a solution for this but none. Creating a new character is a huge waste of time. The grind is harder than my job lol.
  4. Why can't they? If you think about it, it doesn't make sense. And why would they marked it as a resolved case if they didn't ban the hacker. :rolleyes: they better put on-going status instead of resolve. Quota issues? these agents are lazy. Their forum are filled with QQ about hackers ,bots and useless support agents, yet they still keeping their eyes closed.
  5. Why the result is confidential? Is there a conspirashit happening here? I report a bot and a hacker.. I also asked them to inform me if they are ban, they replied how frustrating it is and they will not inform me because of privacy concerns then they marked my ticket as a resolved. I thought they ban the one I reported and boom, same people hacking. Kindly explain NCSoft? Why is it confidential and why did they marked it as resolved? And lastly, why don't you hire a Game Master/Moderator than hiring a forum moderator who doesn't understand community.
  6. Who will not quit this game? You reported a hacker > they will tell you how frustrating and will mark your ticket resolved > you login > same people hacking. Their Report bots function is not even working. *Legit People were ignored. And if you get ignored. You turn around and leave. NCSoft Wake up, you earned too much money on the Treasure Trove. This is the last NCSoft game Im gonna play.
  7. Everyone enjoyed this game at the beginning, but what made them quit is not about the bot. Every game I played (there is a cheat, hax) and I still continue to play it. But I have never seen any support like NCSOFT. Ignoring the people who are complaining. People are giving suggestions on how to beat the bots and they never tried any of those good ideas. NCSOFT Agents closing / resolving tickets too fast without really helping them(maybe quota issues?) Funny thing is they marked it as a resolved even thought it's not. PS: I really don't care about the pay to w
  8. I'm glad I quit this game. Oh shit, why I'm still checking the forums.. maybe just maybe there's a good news about bots. but kbye
  9. This. I hope NCSOFT will take action soon before majority of the players quit.
  10. Rate your experience from 1 being the lowest and 10 as highest. I'll rate it 5, the story is interesting, the combo on each class, the quest, the leveling are somehow great and the distribution of loot in terms of bidding is the best idea for me. However, bots ruined it. Every map you will see bots, they are camping Area Boss, speedhacking on Soulstone Plains, they do dungeons and even daily quests now. Sad part of this is that NCSOFT is not doing anything regarding the matter. This made me sad and planning to quit this game. It's very frustrating to see the one you reported
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