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  1. This is why later upgrades shouldn't cost higher mats in mats, but higher amounts of gold. For instance, the new psyches could cost 2500g to infuse. Every IA weapon stage cost should also be 9500g, at stage 3+. Most players aren't even Thornbreaker, so it only affects whales. Also, make the transmutation gold cost for the upcoming gilded hexa gems, 15000g. When it comes to min-maxing, whales will always eventually pay out because there isn't anything left to touch and they're all sitting on a pile of useless currency otherwise. Finally, put some fancy wings in an NPC shop for 250000g and a tit
  2. As an active player, what do you generally do when a soul badge/legendary soul badge no longer becomes viable for your class/spec? Store it? Destroy it? NPC it for 1 Copper? Unused Soul badges on their own are not bound to account (chests bought from MSP/Moon Refuge/Dragon Express are an different exception) and if aren't useful for Metas/Certain short/long fight builds, become useless on that character. Legendary Soul badges at the very least, with the exception of new pink Warsong/Legacy fused, can be freely exchanged, can however be exchanged via the merchant in Mushins tower.
  3. I hope this issue is resolved soon. It's quite unfair for some classes to have to spend so many materials because they now have the wrong awakened badge thanks to the skill changes with the recent class patch, yet others could freely exchange theirs for no cost in Mushins Tower. It's angered a vast majority of players who will see obtaining this new badge too expensive, whom find x29 Divine Grace Stones as a resource waste which could've been used towards the new ET badge and may decide to not spend money anymore / quit the game. It was a bad game implementation that can easily fix itself if t
  4. Will we get the Pink Fused Badges x1 week later and is added to the vendor for those who've already staged 8 their old-tier badges? 29 DGS / 24 Oils is quite a lot
  5. This doesn't confirm anything, however, I recall in one of "Keroppi" recent youtube videos showing off a vendor which appears to be a vendor offering VT badge exchanges, which also include every stage from 1-8. It's safe to assume Mystic are also covered. Accessories will definitely get an exchange.
  6. If it means the FTP can catch up to the Grand Celestial whales, I'm all for breaking the market. High Influx of Evolved Stones = Price Drop (Whales could shift this for awhile) High Concentrations of Evolved Stones = Increased demand for Transformation Stones High Demand for Crafting Mats = Crafting becomes profitable Moonstones / Elysians start to rise also. That's what my prediction would be. If anything, it would be healthier for the servers.
  7. Dear NCSOFT, List Link:- https://pastebin.com/JRWnJpgG As a playerbase, we would like to demonstrate a list of patch-notes that our game is currently missing and need their attention of implementing within the next two months. Without them, our game will crumble before 2020. With it, you would see a increase growth of returning players and an increase in economical income. Not just 1, 5 but every single detail implemented would make this game successful. Sincerely, Every Single B&S Player
  8. Region Characters A service that allows our character to be "duplicated" from one region to another for those who may have ping issues but have spent too much already to re-roll. Titles, Achievements, Gears, Gems, Cosmetics, Weapon Skins/Pet Skins, Gold, Items within our Inventory/Bank Slots and Unlocked Inventory/Bank Rows. Items/features that probably can't be transferred for obvious reasons: Clan Uniforms, Faction Rank, Crafting Level, F11 Ranking and possibly Zen Beans/Battle Points. Some of us may have played in a region because they're friends we're in there, others may have moved
  9. This is actually a great step forward in the game. Macro camper users made it almost impossible to mine the rich Quartz locations, causing an inflated price for both the Quartz and the stones. I need the Silverfrost Trans Stones to fall back down to 7 - 9g like it was previously so I don't have to spend as much on them to upgrade Pirate bracelets for x30 Jewels. It'll also cheapen the expense when crafting oils. 15g is a complete ripoff. It's nice when you can come across someone who needs 15g so you tell them to buy the x5 stones from f10 and sell them at 3g each to you but it's not often tha
  10. I would quite happily pay N-Coin tonight if the drop appeared on the F10 specials. Sadly i missed the Trove/Merchant of wonders, so I have to rely on pugging BSH on Saturdays because of DC. I mean, I highly doubt anybody pays 5 coins for a naryu tablet so that's an easily available spot open lmao
  11. Thank and i wish you luck too! I wish there was a way NCSoft could implement the drops into the HM Store, similar to the custom Gangplank custom hair. I hope this grinding does frustrate me to the point of quitting. The grind continue~
  12. So i've just earned the achievement: Scattering the Sea Dogs, for completing BSH 100 times in the last 3 weeks and I must say my RNG sucks. The reason behind this is because the Blindfold hasn't dropped once yet. I'm currently withholding grinding out for my leg Belt/Bracelet/Baleful 7 because I've desperately been trying to get the skin for my char. I've heard your able to obtain the wig from the achievement vendor. There isn't any other possible way to grind for this drop right?
  13. Pulse. The extra damage is so much better. Besides, if your using MSP-8 + Magnum Soul badge, you're already receiving a massive cooldown on your flaming scourge; Z + V + X + V = 18 Second cooldown on flaming Scourge
  14. Daily Fortune Dungeon:- x8 a Day, x168 total during event Daily Challenge:- x5 a day, x105 total during event Weekly Challenge:- x1 a week, x42 total during event DKV Raid:- x14 a week (x28 with reset), x42 total during event (x84 with x3 resets) Hongmoon store:- x1 a day, x21 total during event Total amount without resets:- 378 cocktails (168+105+42+42+21) Total amount with 3 DKV resets:- 420 Cocktails (168+105+42+84+21) Your welcome~
  15. They were finally released in the HM store. Another twist however, was the fixed price of 35 N-Coin and no limits, allowing for players to buy in bulks. How happy are you that you no longer have to run multiple NS runs to get your bracelet drop, up to 200 times if your RNG is simply beyond terrible? x200 Hands = 7000 N-Coin. I'm glad about the fixed price offer, although the price does stack up for the amount of remaining hands players are missing out on.
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