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  1. I'm not asking for breakthrough or evolve items.. Just random/junk weapons for offering. i will surely check that area when i will reach home.
  2. Been killing random mobs for 2 hours. Didnt get any offering to feed my weapon.. Is there any specific place to farm them? I'm lvl 14 and havent upgrade since i get my gear
  3. First i want to thank you all for recommending fm. Realy loving playing fm <3 can someone pls guide me a frost/ice build? Few guides i have found are outdated or fire build. you are right my friend.. I played sin and summoner lvl 26 both but i liked fm most.. Even at low level i feel like i'm doing better than sin and summoner. Maybe they don't suite my playstyle.
  4. New fm bewbie here.. I'm looking for easy ice/frost build.
  5. Just started playing FM.. Level 10 now. So he can have 2 builds fire and ice? Sorry but i have never played Bns before :D
  6. Which class has top dps? Don't care how hard it is.. Just want to know which class has most dps which can kill boss faster.
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