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  1. f10 really? They don't care...

    Yeah on my locked draken bracelet it shows untradeable and greys out if you go to mail it. I wonder if one day they'll open it up? I know a few weeks ago hands were unmailable and now they are. Would be nice to send to an alt instead of leveling a second.
  2. f10 really? They don't care...

    Is it really? I didn't take notice with my first one but when I look at the draken one in the path it shows untradeable.
  3. bigger clan for skybreak spire?

    I guess I'm loyal to my clan I'm not just jumping ship to go to a bigger clan. We'll get it. For the most part it's the same people every week. As for the gold I don't know which method is really better I'm not usually sitting on 2k gold to join a raid and it would probably turn me off on attending if I didn't have a chance to get a drop with all that effort I'm putting in. We spend hours and hours in there. When they do the 12 man nerf though I'm sure it'll be a breeze to find people and clear it so not to much longer and every clan should be able to run it weekly.
  4. bigger clan for skybreak spire?

    Make more friends :) My clan and another clan run it together a couple days per week. You don't all need to be in the same clan so just grab another clan or two and organize people from multiple clans to run it. It is very hard and so far we've only made it to raven but haven't beat him. I'm not sure who came up with the idea of a points system we use for bidding. But I really like that people get points for attendance and boss clears and we all use those points to bid on items that drop. Why waste more gold or have one whale take everything this was a really great idea to make it fair for everyone and give incentive for people to show up every week.
  5. f10 really? They don't care...

    Funny I just got a second one, well not really funny I feel so bad I just bid 100g to get the price up a little to get some cash but no one in the party had 100g so I won a second one. That sucks if I had known I wouldn't have bid so someone else could have it. Guess I'll level another in the other path. To bad they're not account bound this would be great for an alt.
  6. Gem farming

    Do up to floor 20 of TOI and get your 35ap diamond from the vendor at the stairs for a mere 5g that's a nice gem deal.
  7. f10 really? They don't care...

    For the OP they took my bracelet Saturday morning. 15 runs later I had my bracelet again. But now I have no respect for NCSoft store because I can get screwed at anytime. Converting your hard earned gold to shop for something they take away really sucks. Screwing people that bought hands did nothing but annoy us for no reason just run sanctum all day for one day and you can get a bracelet. out of the 50some runs I've done so far now 9 have dropped. Now the bidding is insane and is going to screw you anyway. People got a taste of the bracelet and have been bidding 2000g-4000g for an item that used to go for 1000g-1400g
  8. f10 really? They don't care...

    It's complete BS that they're taking the bracelet away now. I would carry thousands of gold in sanctum and still get outbid. I've seen about 8 or so bracelet drops and have never been able to win the bids. Low and behold finally I could complete my hands and get the bracelet and max it out. Ran sanctum all week and passed on more drops to let people get them at a more reasonable rate. Now NC is going to revert my purchase and who knows what mats they will return. If they give me HM coins they will be useless. The exchange rate for gold is going to be insane once people get their refunds. Now with zero gold because I started working on pushing my alt instead of carrying around thousands of gold I will have to farm forever just to be able to make a competitive bid and gear back up to where I was. I don't think it's fair that we get punished for taking advantage of something that was in their store. We're not buying gold from 3rd party sites we're just taking advantage of what looked like a legitimate offer which really in all honesty cost about the same price as bidding in the dungeons I've ran.
  9. Legendary Weapon Gem Socket [Archive]

    I agree with the op. Breaking through to a legendary should feel, Well Legendary right? 600g hardly seems reasonable to be able to socket one 3-10ap gem. Not much of an upgrade if you ask me. Maybe I'm just not farming enough gold on my 6 toons but Legendary gem hammers seem insanely overpriced to be able to add so little to a weapon that was more powerful before you upgraded it. I got lucky my main Sin rolled 6, My Summoner received 5 on Stg3 but my WL still has 3 on st4. It definitely hurts on alts there's no way I'm dumping a penny in to a toon for something that should be there to begin with on a legendary item. Oh let me add that it's also messed up that hammers are bound. I actually had some drop on my main and I can't do anything with them. Because they're un-mailable or sellable.
  10. Legendary gem hammers

    The whole slot is BS in my opinion you grind for a legendary and then take such a step backwards using one. Not to mention grinding for the gems that went into the slots. Sure now they're throwing 3 hm gems around in the story but for us that ground events on 6+ toons to transmute into spectacular gems to break through to a legendary only to get 3 slots. 600g+ just to open it back up to the way your weapon was before. At least bump up the % when you break through to the next stage with a final success for all 6 at some point. An upgrade should be a reward not a step backwards.
  11. I think events are great definitely up the loot you get. I've been running just the simple event for the bag on 5 of my toons and I've gotten a bunch of the 1M exp charms which is nice. I am a little disappointed that I have 35ap gems but they are not upgradable so I'd have to grind for the event gem then upgrade it to the 40ap gem and just throw my 300g gem in the trash.
  12. I think for the most part people are friendly even with my stupid mistakes. It's actually funny my main is HM8 and would you believe until a month ago I had no idea what the two cc boss bubbles where. I just could never nail a boss cc consistently even though I speced it. All the youtube vids said you need to do a double cc. But I didn't realize it showed when it could be done on the bosses bar or which cc someone did if they did a single. I told a friend who plays how stupid I was and he didn't know either haha we've been playing for a year now.
  13. Isn't the new pet-system much worse?

    I can't picture the new pet system how the aura and pet thing will work from the description. From briefly logging in before the emergency maintenance I didn't see any change. I'm definitely not salvaging my pet until I understand what's going on.