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  1. @Hime Since u are not very experienced in your own game (proof: the absurd try to solve this problem) lemme guide u a lil bit. A Pet Pod Transformation needs a Pet, 10 Soulstones and 5g EACH so with prices back in the day it was roughly between 65g to 75g each. Again Pet pods and threads only got deleted from main chars mostly, so people with stacked up thounsands of pets or pods are still out there and. Anyway if this is the last pathetic attempt of handling this problem im glad to tell you, u can keep all my stuff cause im out.
  2. over 1 week and not even the slightest solution nor any explaination why there is no solution... Like we the comunity dont deserver anything to know and just should swallow everything u throw at us. ITS ENOUGH THOUGH! XML EXPLOITS, ROBBERY, NO INFORMATIONS. Are u for ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ real? What are you guys doing? If u would at least play your own game so u get a clue how things are going in game....maybe u should stop playing hide & seek all day long and actually care and put some push behind the needs of this comunity....
  3. Now i dont have any doubt anymore u guys cant even figure out players who abuse XML edited files to gain huge advantages in game, since u cant even handle such a easy situation. Back in the days when u had the wrong price for pet pods in F10 and people bought them like mad, first u removed them (poorly since some people who was smart enough to send them to alts, kept them) and after u gave them back when someone was complaining in a ticket. Then the Mushin Floor 7 autorun abuse which gave lots of people tons of unity xp, first u banned some, probably even the wrong ones
  4. First of all, only chars who actually talked with the NPC in Bamboo got punished, they didnt even make the effort to check the accounts of those chars, so everyone of u can imagine how many pet pods are still around on peoples alt chars who didnt get touched. Second, stolen outfits from people who obtained them years ago for RL money or hard earned HM Coins just cause u let a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ program run over it instead of actually checking yourself. 3rd People who upgraded their stuff didnt get touched either doesent matter if they talked or not with the bamboo NPC, they will keep their s
  5. With all the Pet hype and so on, lets not forget about this problem, i know NC just wanna walk over it, probably will do.
  6. Are u guys totally nuts now? We talking here about a 4 months backstab for all those who wasnt able to get a weapon mat now, thats not a lil time frame thats nearly half a year. Stop bringing up such nonsense and kill the last playerbase that is leftover. Just bringing up such an idea is crazy and shows how disrepectfull u are and how less of a clue u have of your own game, what it even means to gets a 4 month disadvante here... Shame on you guys from NC
  7. As a long time player (since release Europe/NA) i have to say this patch is terrible, but we had lots of terrible patches before. Recently White Orb Fiasko, TT unraidable, SF badge not useable, Gunner badge/weapon didnt gave boni and so on, just to name a few of your terrible patches. Anyway I/We took all of this harrasmant patiently cause we like this game somehow, probably also cause u are lucky and the genre itself is atm at it lowest and there are no better games out yet. Though at some point its enough, Gold nerf was always a thing in BnS so this doesent bother me re
  8. has anyone seen the resets for VT? Seems for me like they forgot to put them in...
  9. classes like sin/destro/Sf can BURST same damage as gunner does, i really dont know what u are all talking about gunners all the time. Damage over time i would say that in Long fights bd/bm/fm can also do that amount of damage that a gunner does. You really should raid first and get experience then to talk about random F8 Partys where half the People dont even have a clue how to Play a class. In PvP with the new badges, bersis and kfms can easy 1 shot everything, SF did it before alrdy I really dont get it why everyone is crying about gunners who are kinda easy to kill if t
  10. Ich will mal sehen wie der HM2 jammert wenn ihn die HM8-10 zertrümmern oder umgekehrt wie der HM10 jammert wenn er lauter HM2- HM5 typen in der gruppe hat und deswegen verliert, wie man es auch dreht und wendet du wirst es nicht ändern ausser es wird ne HM und Gear Anpassung gemacht. Is halt auch ein riesen unterschied ob ich nun 50 Punkte in def geben kann oder nicht, desweiteren pets, Legys usw usw. (Bedenke HM 2-6 mit full Legis und Element Schmuck + nettem Pet...auf normal kann er alles zerreißen was mit Standard Zeugs rumläuft und auf Veteran ist er trotzdem nur ein Opfer weil ihm die gan
  11. Hört sich ja ganz nett an, frage ist nur wie unterscheidest du ob jemand in den normalen Modus oder in den Veteranen Modus gehen darf? Wieviele wird's wieder geben die dann in den Veteran Modus gehen obwohl sie dort nichts zu suchen haben und voila same Problem as now. Wenn NC nach gear unterscheiden könnte hätten wir dieses Thema nicht und nach wins? 100 mal gecarried zu werden und du kannst Veteran? Muss meinen Vorrednern auch recht geben, 6v6 sollte doch eher für besser gegearte Leute sein, Mondsteine müssen woanders gefarmt werden. Mann kann NC vielleicht Vorschl
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