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  1. There isnt any martial arts feel to a game with animal midgets. get over it
  2. Making all mine 550+ from now on
  3. Anytime I take the time to report posts like that they're deleted within 3 minutes, so you can take your time and HELP THEM see them or you can deal with it.
  4. Can't wait to be able to tell if I'm even playing my class right. AND BE ABLE TO KICK IN DUNGEOnS TOO THATLL MAKE THIS SO MUCH BETTER <3
  5. That's a screenshot from Tera. a completely different game
  6. or just yolo it like I did, I didnt even put ironheart into his other phase just let his butt roll around lmao
  7. The character alter screen never has any type of costume on. so not sure how you managed that.
  8. I use LFP everytime and nobody even dies. I mean I can block the aoe with enhanced seed shroud everytime so I mean ; u ;
  9. or you could respect that theyre busy, and realise that this game has more bots because gold is worth a shit ton of rl money.
  10. Yeah hold on real quick lemme just go to the "ban all hackers" tree and get a ticket because thats how easy it is for companies to block hackers.
  11. Wow a free to play game has bots? HOW DARE THEY. Bye though hope I never see you again <3
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