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  1. Remove mechanics skipping with damage

    The problem is it creates an overly high expectation by cross-server players to clear dungeons by putting high AP requirements, and this puts casual and newer players at a disadvantage because not all can reach the reqs these guys demand. You could actually clear Desolate Tomb at 575 AP and Ebondrake Citadel at 600 AP (Citadel being higher because the mechanic doesn't help too much unlike Tomb), and even Naryu Foundry can be cleared at 600 AP (although 650 is definitely safer), yet most people puts 700 as the requirements for them, 650 being the lowest for Tomb and Citadel. As someone that's played the game since launch, I can't catch up to the 700 requirement (I have 678) because I spent some gold on outfits as well. At this point you'd probably blame me for buying outfits, but to put it into better perspective, I used to play the game for 8+ hours per day, and I bet most casual players don't have that much time to spare to farm gold, and as such, are put into a situation where they have to buy gold or they'll never be able to catch up, especially with the very fast updates they release (which was a good thing, mind you) At this point I have given up on trying to upgrade, and just play the game for the outfits and spend much less time on farming.
  2. New RNG box they need more money!

    I've decided to stop playing the game seriously and just take it very casually. From this day forward I'll buy no NCoin (although I stopped buying them since September) and subscription, and will spend my gold on outfits and helping my guildies first before upgrading gears. I'll cut down my play time little by little until I find a new MMO to sink my time in, then I'll quit this game completely. The game is just too obnoxiously P2W at this point. The heavy grinding already turned me off a little bit, but everyone had to grind so I was kinda fine with it, until they released all these RNGs (Summer Trove, Autumn Box, Autumn Trove, and Winter Box all back-to-back) to give whales massive advantage (like they didn't have already). The RNGs made us the more casual players that buys stuff with HMCoin and gold further behind, and at this point I give up. I still like the game's outfits, and I got attracted to my character so much it's kinda hard for me to let go, so I'll still play the game just for the outfits. Other than that, ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ this game.
  3. Mysterious crystals for free to play players.

    Are you forgetting Treasure Trove there, sir?
  4. Horrible ping in SEA...Help!

    NEVER compare NA server with Korean, NEVER. Korea has much smaller area to cover, thus gives their servers much less strain than NA that has to send packets to all over the world. Not only that, the majority of Koreans play in internet cafes, which allows the connection to be even more concentrated to mostly those cafes. If you play at home in Korea, you wouldn't get that 8 ping that you'd get in cafes (yes, any game you play in internet cafe in Korea will give you 8 ping. BnS, BDO, League, Overwatch, you name it)
  5. Because AP dont matter!

    I hate summoner more, honestly. You'll never be able to win a big fight against 2+ summoners with some crit defense
  6. Store outfits 10/5/2016

    Nope, they don't. They release new outfits on Friday, while patches are on Wednesday.
  7. Store outfits 10/5/2016

    Nope, it's on friday. Check the most recent outfit, the date it's available until is the date when new outfits arive
  8. I'm not gonna spam 1000 Tomb of Exiles for the spider fang or infernal lord outfits, it's an old-ass dungeon and I'm way overleveled for it. Maybe make an entirely new outfit for those alongside the outfits that drop from the dungeons then I think that's a good idea.
  9. Please? Make outfits from dungeons mailable to other characters within the same account. Free or with the transfer coupon-thing. I don't want to spam Tomb of Exiles just to get Spider Fang when my alt that I almost never play (only got it to 45 for warlock leveling event) got it from the first treasure trove its opened. Oh, and the Infernal Lord's Eyebrow too.
  10. 3v3 arena rewards afk

    What's the problem in PVPing for points? PVP is all about killing people before you get killed anyway, so essentially it's all about damage. you could argue there's things like strategically tagging in, but the end goal is still to do enough damage to kill your opponents. With the dps for points system, it gives those AFKers 0 reward because they do 0 damage. If they get absolutely nothing from AFKing in Tag, then there is no reason for them to AFK, hence they either stop doing it or they actually start dealing damage. Making Reward based on how much damage you deal also prevents these people from just doing 1-2 attacks and then AFK. It doesn't matter if you get destroyed, because as long as you do SOME sort of damage, you'll get some reward. Besides, as a sin you should have an easier time dealing with Tags anyway since you (and I because I'm a sin as well) have plenty of dashes and invis to actually keep your distance and wait until tag timer is out.
  11. How to cross river in Sogun's lament as Destro ?

    Nope, you will die even if you glide through. Not sure how you did it. Any skill that give you immunity to everything will allow you to cross it. Don't know much about Destro though so can't help with exact skills
  12. 3v3 arena rewards afk

    Reward should be based on how much damage you deal. I think it would solve a lot of issues. 1. AFKs who don't attack would obviously lose a lot of reward. 2. It prevents people with high skill carrying others with low skills because those with low skills would get much less reward than the highly skilled one. 3. Even in a situation where its 5 AFK vs 1 not-afk person, that 1 person would get greatly rewarded and the AFKs get nothing even if they win because they do no damage.
  13. Let's Recap

    1. I don't think the game is dying. There are a lot of dedicated players playing the game (including those from outside of NA/EU) that the game won't die anytime soon. 2. NCSoft (and Team Bloodlust. People gotta know who the developer is and stop badmouthing only NCSoft. Bloodlust has every right to refuse making any changes) has to create ways to help new people get better and improve their gear. At the moment, it's simply too hard to join a group in Cross Server because of people's high AP demand (and yes, this is partly the community's fault), and you don't have many ways to get there. 3. Yes it is too hard. Again, partly due to the fact that you HAVE to do Cross Server dungeon (and people will kick you if you don't have enough AP, and you can't get enough AP if you don't get in a group). The other part is because of expensive-as-shit materials and how hard it is to get them *cough*Moonstones*cough* Oh and don't mind the negative posts too much. There are always many more negative posts than positive posts, if they can be compared at all considering sometimes there's 0 positive post in forums. Negative things are always more prominent than positives