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  1. Error (1000)(132, 10054)

    as he said ^ I had sent in a ticket to support regarding this but they were unable to solve it.
  2. Nerf BM

    They made Dragontongue more ping reliable. That's a small nerf on its own.
  3. I am a BM as well with 390-400 stable ping. It's not impossible to play and blocks do register if you time it properly but yes, the DPS is significantly reduced, especially after they did tweaks to Dragontongue's animation last patch.
  4. Returning player with 250+ ping

    I play as Blade Master with a 400 ms ping but no, I suggest going for a Summoner instead. If you do PvP, BMs are very ping reliant. PvE isn't too much of a hassle with high ping but to fully enjoy the gameplay with high ping, Summoner is best as it's not as punishing.
  5. Nerfed FL 13 ticket drop?

    It's just rng. I ran floors 9+ for first time today and I got two tickets, one from f12 and one from f13
  6. Ping!

    My regular ping is 395-480
  7. Weapon upgrade event?

    As Slyce said, it's permanent. It is a massive help from BnS' side to help upgrade weapons, because of it i was able to go from True Breeze to True Scorpio in just three weeks! It involves lot of grinding for refining stones and insignias but that's about it. Saves a lot of materials from normal cost which you can use to upgrade your accessories. Number of Naryu tablets needed is apparently the same though.
  8. So Bms now top dps

    Exactly. As a BM myself, it was extremely hard at lower levels to do SSP for moonstones and so I completely avoided doing it whereas similar AP FMs, Warlocks, Summoners managed to get the loot from these bosses. I'm not saying it's impossible to get the loot from SSP but it's significantly higher for ranged classes to get the loot. Having a DPS buff enables us to contribute enough to get the loot from open world bosses.
  9. So Bms now top dps

    We lost our Pentaslash iframe [1.5s] as well. We didn't just get buffed. And no, BM is not the top DPS, FMs have always been at that spot. Maybe during the 6s Conflagration burst damage we can be at the same level as FM, but that's only once every 60 seconds.
  10. Riot... Angry BladeDancers Unite !!!

    There are no designated tanks in game. BM is just suited for tanking and there is no reason for it not to deal high damage and it helps with "tanking". BMs for a large part were one of the lowest dps in game and just because it got a few buffs, everyone's complaining wow.
  11. Junghado Hat

    I got the hat on my 42nd run, it's totally RNG. Some people have gotten it on their very first run and some have not gotten it even after 200+ runs.
  12. Game is very good - but ...

    File a ticket to support regarding your crashes, I used to get disconnected quite frequently too but BnS' support staff were able to find me a solution for my disconnects and I haven't been disconnected since.
  13. Good news dps meter in next patch ^^

    Is there a link to the source?

    File a ticket to support and they will properly guide you to a possible solution. I had a disconnection error too but mine was due to old graphics drivers, once I updated those, I have never been disconnected since, however I do lag.
  15. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    Totally agree with you.