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  1. Grand Havest (lost time havest)

    I am one of those lowered geared people, and I want credit for doing the quest. If it is only for the most well geared people in the game, again, the game is screwing the layers who do not live just to play this game. I have a job and a real life abut do play a lot. Yet it seems the game is SO geared to supper grinders and if you are a PVE player, and do not do pvp, you are SO Screwed, you may as well be a $2 ho.
  2. Block button on "Friend Request" panel

    I had this going on to me across ALL my characters for about 3 weeks, NC Soft did nothing, I just ignored it, and never answered the mails or the friend requests, which irritated me immensely, but, afterwards, I finally went in and deleted it all, and did not get any more. But I did have to just leave it for three weeks. I think if you deleted it, their bot program lists it as an active name/character, if you ignore it, they take you off their lists. That is just how I am interpreting it.
  3. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Lobby going into and out of Blackram Narrows and The Tomb of the Exiles, OMG the amount of spammers! Also, certain repeatable dungeons, like the Playpen, there seems too be a revolving door of at least 30 bots. I just sit there and keep clicking the Report Bot and see them reappear later. Does NC Soft actually DO anything to bot players? I mean, like actually ban the IP ADDRESS as well as the account? Let them know what you think, fellow players!