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  1. He just make all the time seed shroud and sunflower . immune to all .i menage to get 10% hp and kill the cat . he win the duel by points . like how ? points from what ? how this system work ? and how to kill immune to all ?
  2. i look for this too , but i think that will come at later game update .
  3. CONFIRMED i just buy it and start upgrading . dam. i search for this info from a month . 10x to all :)
  4. they are not the same . oath from the npc shop u cant upgrade . and its with other stats . i asume same for he pirate . did u buy pirate from the npc and upgrade it ?
  5. but u cant upgrade it as fas as i know !
  6. im 50 hm6 and i never had the pirate . and i still make bsh i dont have and the jung hat .
  7. wow.. 10x . can i buy it with pirate emblems or just drop ? from who ?
  8. and i mean the upgradeable one . and dont say from the quest story line . its gone .
  9. make e fleet and night shade harbor. u can solo 90% of the quests . make the blue 4 dung . u can make blood shade harbor then u have 30k+ hp . but mostly . make the faction quests every day . sell some of the SS for gold . or craft moonstones . make pvp dailys for beans . this all. its maybe 3h a day . 4 ? 5 ? whatever .
  10. interesting story my video gtx 480 start to die from a week or so. now i use 4870 from my old PC . and ... i must say . the fps drop is actually very low . and the game does not crash as before . the game freeze 2 times for a sec or two, but that's cuz the random fps drop . so . gtx 480 is 3 times faster and stronger than 4870 . and still, the game is almost with the same quality. i start to wonder . is the game made for AMD videos ? or ? i know that the game is basically a crap. badly made and so and so . but if the game run better with amd (like a lot better) why they just tell this
  11. rocnogi

    sum vs destro

    in 1 word. almost impossible to kill from a summ . at least good destros . i kill plenty . but ppl like this from the videos are just .. u can see how i can not move . its just skill after skill . which mean he is good vs summ or use some macros . i cant see how i can kill him. hide all the time and run ? like a sin ! 2 aproach skills and 1 come-over-here . also i cant find a guide for this . at least not vs good destro .i want to see like a good fight but just dont have .
  12. so . basicaly . more ap means a lot more dmg . is someone can make the calculation ? breeze is with 11 ap and 440 crt dmg . hopw much have last stage on the oath ?
  13. rocnogi

    sum vs destro

    and tab is ? my tab is cat charge . and stun after 5 uses . but the problem is, everything is so fast . also then i charge the cat i cant just stop her . i must recall which take time and skill . scummoner is actualy from hardest for pvp u need multytasking . cuz i have me and the cat and the destro . and so much skills :)
  14. a guides for pve and pvp will help a lot . ytube . but pvp is actualy easy . kfm have a lot of CC's . maybe the one class which can fight with all classes in pvp .
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