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  1. Guys Just drink some coffee and chill out. I know topic is boring and you guys want have some trolling and fun but don't miss the point please. Yes people asking how did I came up with 35 percent bot for Angler's Watch server since I not part of the dev. team I cannot just show you this is my source because it's not a legal thing to do. Statistics including number of player in servers basically populations. What all I do some math and calculate the bot percentage and as you all know I never said this is official number for bots. if you really wonder go and check reddit.com and do your calcula
  2. Really last time I checked there was too much bot well of course my statistics based on Angler's watch server but I sure other servers is also the same.I think some people ask wrong question. Question should be how can we stop this as gamers. Answer is keep reporting bot's etc. so that we may have a chance to fair play and have fun.
  3. True I hope they fix this issue or servers will be dead soon. ( if people really wonder why %35 I will explain mathematically even you can calculate your self )
  4. Are you just mocking me O.o well I not going to tell my source but you can check reddit I sure you can find somethings ^.^ ( Where is the fun in that if I tel you )
  5. That's true but problem is not from the staff problem comes from the higher positions I understand them you know because it's really hard manage a MMORPG games these days who is going to pay staff's salary if nobody purchase NCcoin. Then company starts to loss and there will be time they will shut down the game and this is not only about Ncsoft other MMORPG companies also having difficulties to keep on. So we need mutual agreement at some point.
  6. Dear Ladies and Gentleman's Today I want to talk about B&S security system and Hole in the gaming community. As you all know nowadays almost %35 percent of the population in servers are bot. That means 3 out of every 10 people who creates new character is a bot. I think that's the biggest problem at the moment because that's kill the competition between players. It's even effect market prices in the game. Bots killing bosses farming gold and collecting drops now they even duel so bots killing bots in the arena. You can't even tag match with real players. Like all the MMORPG ga
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