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  2. its the new meta for bots and afk ppl u will see them a lot like 3v3 afk and pvp bots lol
  3. i'm both cuz i like the game and same time i hate it for the direction its going for and as i said i'm active on forums just waiting for the real changes that would make the game better but its not coming :/ i quit it for now my plan is to come back when its worth it to play
  4. it feels like this is just an attempt to keep u all in and playing this game for now i kinda quit about 2 months but i'm still active in the forums don't get me wrong i love the game, i just got tired of the gear grind its just stressful.. having so many alts that u wanna play is just not working well in this model u only get a taste, getting it to lv50HM4 from storyline quest xp but u still have a long way to go HM skills is just another crazy grind pvp is never equal not in 3v3 or 6v6 this game needs a lot of push and work from dev team but all i see is tro
  5. (Alpha test 3) The Alpha Playtest will be live from Thursday August 25th at 10AM PDT / 5PM UTC until Wednesday August 31st at 4:00PM PDT / 11PM UTC. good luck! got only 1 code for now if i get more ill be adding them here 93A92CEI6FRU80ZUIH6B you can also visit mmorpg site for more keys if you didn't get one http://www.mmorpg.com/giveaways.cfm/offer/760/MXM-Alpha-Playtest-3-Key-Giveawawy.html
  6. i quit the game long ago but i dono why i'm still active on forums i really did like bns it has the best battle system i have ever seen but the grind is just insane i'm an alt kind of guy i never like to stick with 1 main for me all my alts are main i did play equal time on all but the problem is u can only pick 1 or 2 char's max to try end game cuz this game sadly all about the gear grind and not the pvp i just gave up cuz i wanna play all my alts but i can't do everything on all cuz they need to be heavly geared equally and i have a life i don't have time to gea
  7. its been a 1+ month for me now i play the game for 3 sec 3 sec WOOT??? ya i just login take my daily dash and logout i don't even afk 3 hours for my 3 trys i just login spin logout and come back 4 or 3 hours later and just leave and honestly i dono why i bother Blade and soul lost its soul. and i'm always active on the forums lol..
  8. its only 2 codes :D anyways GL and please post your name so i can friend you :3 if i get more ill be posting them here again the game looks pretty fun i been playing since server was live last night lol kinda forgot about bns : ) )
  9. be fast to get one cuz i only got 2 codes if you got the codes please leave your IGN so i can add you as a friend and play together :3 GOOD LUCK GUYS O2DNW66FU2022RFVEWMH & BXMSHB482H9KOOAI0LY6 To redeem the code have your friend visit the NCSOFT account management
  10. you are very welcome missy! and can't wait for today's stream!
  11. ya they are so large they afraid they would crash the server what did i say about ninja updates here
  12. if you remember the blackram boxes that didnt had acc's in them after a certain patch i don't remember the dates, boxes was changed and they were missing loots also bloodshade harber, and few times in Naryu lab it did change few times one time the machismo were taking off last boss did always drop them, few times things got changed and it wasn't included in patch notes, but you guys fixed these issues cuz ppl did report that and i do appreciate these hot fixes you guys work a lot and a lot of times you don't get enough credit cuz ppl love being salty all the time lol ppl mess
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