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  1. It's clearly luxury you don't even need to think about this issue.
  2. ''Dragonborn'' would be badass title
  3. Hello my name is John and I am not in the good mode for chat anyway I have a question, what the hell is wrong with GHS aka raid? I can barely get 5 fps on that map. I don't know who is responsible devs, gm or whatever but that map needs to be fixed immediately! Here is my pc specs i7 4790k 16gb ram gtx 980 ti My ping is around 30ms yet when boss spawned my screen freezes. Yeah it just freezes funny right? I tryed to a funny setting called 'optimize for low-end pcs' that damn option made just worst. Literally I get 3 fps with that funny option!
  4. I still don't understand why did you wasted your time with all this. You think they gonna listen to you? Keep dreaming lol
  5. Wow look at those bots no life mother *cricket*ers hahaha. Dude I'm so hapy that I quit this game and now I can watch all the drama between you guys and NCSOFT zero *cricket* given.
  6. Hello guys 49lvl Destro here, I'm quite new in this game and whenever I enter to arena sadly everybody running from me. Does this mean am I strong? Or is this strategy? I played a lots of MMORPG and none of them was like this. I just don't get it even KFM or Destros are running from me (0 ranged classes).
  7. Ah those bots no life bas***rds (dude I scare to insult bots cause NCSOFT gonna ban me for that) no wonder why so many scummoners in the arena now I really wonder are they having fun of this? I mean what the hell is this, they are not playing game they obviously addicted this game that's why I am calling those no life ignorants.. Can't talk more otherwise I will get banned lel
  8. Because NCSOFT wants you to charge some ncoin. Seems they penniless lmao
  9. They are pathetic no life animals! I bet they are living in basement. This kind of dumbs has nothing to do but hacking(!) B&S. Opening multi account, using speedhack, and using bots bypassing gameguard.. You know the funny part? NCSOFT doesn't do anything about those bastards! I know because everyday I am seeing those pathetics and reporting them but they are not getting banned. Wish I could DC them or something like that. I was playing a game before they had some anti-cheat software named XTRAP and it was impossible to bypass it. I don't know why NCSOFT doesn't put better thing. I can't e
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