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  1. I do not know how you-- NCSoft as a company can continue to blatantly LIE to your playerbase, double down on the changes, and expect the game to stay alive until UE4 release I mean My god, the patch said weapon cost REDUCTION. I honestly don't know what the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to say anymore. Everyone's completely justified in their continuous complaining and trash talking of this company. You continuously, over and over again, without fail have continued to prove your incompetence to the point to where the players can't even trust what you say anymore. You screwed up the White Orb situation. You screw
  2. Despite the DDoS attacks *seemingly* being over, I still have 30 MS ping higher than I do normally, and my ping will spike much more than it does randomly. Like, up to 500+. It's ridiculous.
  3. I've just abut ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing had it with these ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing crashes and this stupid bullshit lag. Yes, this is a crying thread, because I'm tired of being in a dungeon and having my game's memory randomly spike to 3k and crash. It happens all the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ time and it just happened in DKV when the boss was about to die. This coupled with the disgusting amounts of lag makes this games enjoyability go down real quick. Fix this shit or at the very least LET US KNOW YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING.
  4. Literally everyone is. I think this should be the obligatory "OMG SERVER BLEW UP" thread, please and thank you. Also, NCSoft, get your shit together.
  5. You have the option to do 1v1/3v3 arena, though. There are people who are legit not geared to win 6v6 (like myself) and would rather not do it to begin with.
  6. Basically. It's still pretty sad that they're essentially removed Moonstones from the game with no real way to farm them anymore.
  7. This lag is so bad, the site changed my username to a name I changed a year ago. FeelsNCSoftMan
  8. So, as I understand it, the only way to get Moonstones is by either farming SSP on the weekend, OR you can do 6v6. That is disgusting. Listen, I am grateful for a lot of things this game has done in terms of helping players progress, but they have either completely forgotten about one of the most integral, most important mats in the game, or they straight up just don't care. I am not geared for 6v6, nor do I want to be. I do not find 6v6 PvP enjoyable and I am very aware that I am not alone in that aspect, and farming SSP outside of peak hours is just dumb. Either
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