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  1. After sending in pictures showing I had the items on me, I got the response: So it looks like there's nothing else I can do other than complain and be confused as to why they can't recreate or restore my character to the previous state it was in.
  2. @KatHead I've been trying to dig up any trace of proof, but have only been able to find old screenshots of when I had Awakened Siren accessories. It might help to send it to NCSOFT, but because none of the items have any descriptions... who knows.
  3. I was recently one of the many who got hacked. In addition to getting hacked, I lost a lot of my stuff. Thankfully, because my weapon has gems in it, the hacker wasn't able to salvage it. However, all my accessories are gone. The other items I lost, while I'm upset about, don't really matter to me as much as my accessories. Aside from being unable to play the game for the four days it took NCSOFT to recover it, I've lost the ability to play the game the way I used to because support is unable to restore my accessories. I can't run the four mans I used to run, and regardless of expe
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