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  1. yeah they thought you might need an entire week to change your mind...
  2. wait a min..ppl still do that 24man? or e fleet?? or any 24man AT ALL?? 0.0
  3. gave up after first and second try..both failed at stage 1 in very first day and first hours of event started...
  4. ye the real problem start after 450 u should know it better...before that u get ur moonwater tears from dungeons make transormaion stone and progress fast..the real problem start after that.
  5. i started playing recently like 2 month and my SMN is 468 ap. been in ssp everyday for 2-3hors trying everything but the best i got was a blue key once...so yea going to farm bsh.necro.lair for a whole year to get enough gold to hit breeze! awesome game design!
  6. i'm getting error 49 . there is nothing on forums or their sites about login failed issue ...
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