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  1. Hi! Since patch 55 I get lag spikes in Celestial Basin and I'm not alone, I have asked the region chat and they have the same problem. Is it anyone of you that don't feel this issue?
  2. Framerate drops to ~20FPS until I alt+tab

    I have Asus ROG swift PG279Q monitor and I can get the same problem that I have 20-40fps. My issue is that I start the computer with a HDMI cable from my PS4 to the monitor. I know it sounds really strange but I took it out from the monitor and restart the computer and I know I have normal FPS.
  3. Hoho!!! I have a big problem with the new update that some of my abilites turns into grey while I'm moving. Its because I cant use them if I moving, I already know that but my brains tells me "YOU NEED CHI, YOU NEED CHI, YOU NEED CHI!!!" but its not the problem xD, its annoys me I have been looking in the option but I don't find it :S , PLZZZ HILP!!! // Best Erwi !