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  1. İ opened this topic for PVP players. İ didint meant QQ thread. And when i read the answers all other warlock players agreed with me. İ hope PVP players take this seriously and dont start with a Warlock and have fun with game.
  2. Just a friendly advice. İ m platinium most of the time and i became rank 3 warlock once. İf you are a pvp player do not start with warlock. İt is weak. Let me explain it with classes. Fm : Just let me tell you. You have 0 chance of winning against this. They will just spam divine veil, frezee themself and run away from your V and 4 combo. They will heal themselves all the time. No matter what u do u cant win. Kfm: An other full counter. They will just spam block, Q and E spam around your Thrall, Frezee themselves if you use your dragoncall. And 1 stun lock u are %100 dead. No
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