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  1. So when is wonderland outfit available

    No one knows and if you ask anyone from NCSoft when you'll probably get their trademark 'soon' answer and they'll release the date when they're ready.
  2. Also seems like you need to be not so ignorant to the fact that the fps drops and generally shitty quality of SSP to play with stacked people makes whether you can DPS irrelivent.

    Did they make all those people who got gear transfers make an open post in the forums to see what the player base thought of them getting gear transfers from one region to another? No they didn't and that was an absolute no in the game also. i understand transferring characters may be a little complex but not that impossible either. They can whip together a character with code easy. I have no problem with them helping you out at all and it shouldn't be a problem for them. That extra work would be beneficial to them also. They don't need to lose any more players.
  4. BnS NA vs TW...

    Actually you're never short of finding English speaking players on a lot of the TW servers and the server OP mentioned is very populated by English speaking players. Ever thought that OP just loves this game and wanted to share their TW experience for other people who love the game and want to enjoy it without having to put up with NCWests joke version? And you're right, TW is almost 2 years old and that is a reason why things are handed to you in surveys so how sad is it that BnS NA/EU in a quarter of that lifespan already needs survey handouts because below silverfrost is practically dead? NCWest needs to look at the TW model and get it right before they have a dead game. i feel appreciated supporting a F2P game on TW and I'm always excited for the next event. I cannot say the same about BnS NA/EU.
  5. Storage stress just keeps increasing

    Coming from a premium member wardrobe shouldn't be a premium benefit; it's the only F2P region to rip off its subscribers for making something free premium. Secondly to me storage space is more precious than moonstones the ridiculous prices to unlock space. People shouldn't be hindered even more by wasting all that money on outfits when wardrobe should be free.
  6. Hongmoon training exchange ticket

    I've still got 40 and no pouches! :D oh wells. Incoming copper when they become antiques. lol
  7. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    I think the costs of upgrades both in gold and mats should equal what you actually get out of the upgrade not what tier you're on. I barely notice a difference in my damage but I notice a serious depletion of gold and mats some upgrades. To me the soul isn't worth the upgrade mats at all for example. I'll happily sit with my hongmoon energy 1 as long as the upgrades for 2 AP are that crazy.
  8. If I could rule NCsoft...

    I see where you're coming from however am I an absolute crazy person that I see BnS for what it is? A GAME. Comparing it to a job... Well.... If I saw it as a job I'd rather go out and get a second job; there's farm more garunteed benefits from an actual second job than this game. Only chance of me not getting what I expect is if I were a ........... and not a very in demand one. :P The with a second job I could be a trove Lord!!! And probably get 9.9999 million items I don't need and 1 I do!
  9. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    For me it's going fine. I don't feel the need to be as OP as I can be for the current patch. If I get kicked out of a dungeon so be it. I don't need my stats to carry me through dungeons.
  10. Lvl 10 Premium Benefits

    It's not the OP that's being greedy in the case of premium membership. We by far have the worst premium benefit system out of all the F2P models. It's more of a cricket you than a thank you bonus for supporting the game; especially for those rank 10 members. But I doubt it will change. Simply because there's been many a thread on this topic and still it's the same premium benefits and no word on whether it will be revised. What would be nice is if NCWest took the time to answer questions in a post and not just a selected few useless ones in a stream.
  11. People using the Marketplace

    Well if I put something on the market it's my item, I either made it or earnt it and I believe I have the right to put whatever price I want on it. Our economy has always been one of advantage taking and the grind is hard enough for some people. I make no apologies for lowering the market value especially when it is extremely overpriced at times just so greedy people get extra profit. And to be fair my mentality is that of the minority so the prices quickly skyrocket again so what's the problem? If if profit is your agenda hold off selling them until it's at a satisfactory price in your opinion. Flame me me all you want and call me a market noob. I know how it's meant to work I just ignore it.
  12. Unfortunately I can't name drop or you could view someone's past streams on their twitch and have video evidence that it happens. also I don't get WHY the coding is so hard. Hongmoon gems are account bound. Have been since I got them and still are no matter how many characters they've been switched between.
  13. July 20th Update

    LOL <3 you and your faction troll for making my day. Least it's an original troll.
  14. A new low from NCSoft [ Thank you package ]

    I think a lot of you that are commenting are missing the point but whatever. Unfortunately OP. You can argue this until you're blue in the face but it's going to be your fault; not theirs. It's how it works. Is it right? Course not but it's the sad reality when it comes to NCSoft. If only they delivered this game with such talent as they did their one sided arse saving policies people wouldn't complain about it as much.
  15. I don't find it hard to believe at all. I've known friends to be rejected for making the same request but then see a premium rank 10 member get all his stuff transferred from one class to another. Guess it also helped he was a streamer. Preferential treatment based on how much money you've spent on a game shouldn't and won't sit well with the player base.
  16. Red gangplank wig transfer.

    Anyone have an update as to when we can transfer that? I don't follow any employees or BnS on Twitter and the last info I saw on it was 'soon' and that was a good month or longer as I can't remember when the boxes were released. Im assuming someone may have asked recently to know f there's been an update so if anyone has any information I'd appreciate it. I don't want to sign up to Twitter just to find out and to ask to most likely not get a response other than 'soon'.
  17. Blade and Soul Trolls! D:

    I've had nasty comments directed at me before and I just have to brush it off. It seems the days where my FPS is PMSing there's always that one loud mouth arrogant jerk. And yeah. Dungeons higher up are mechanics based and if your FPS sucks you screw up at times whether you know what you're doing or not. I'm honest. I tell people What I can't do on a particular day given my FPS at the time. It's better than them expecting me to do somethings and I fail at them. If I'm met with comments of negativity and pure rudeness I just leave the dungeon after saying 'Well good luck'. I refuse to let someone ruin this game with their toxicity. Ive been met with 'it's fine. We'll work it' and I've been met with worse. That's their problem not mine. Some things are beyond my control no matter how many fixes I've tried to change my FPS.
  18. Fao:Staff -SoulStone Plains Problem

    Not everyone can do SSP as smoothly as others either and at some point almost everyone's FPS goes to shit. That should be taken into consideration also because it's not always OUR ISP's fault. You'll probably be met with a lot of git gud remarks but with server mergers SSP needs to be reevaluated that's for sure.
  19. PSA: Skip these rng boxes, save for trove.

    Serious bs and rip off incoming.....
  20. Hongmoon Store Outfit Suggestion

    I don't see how this will not benefit NCWest so I want to put forward a suggestion when it comes to outfit sets. Yes, I know what the definition of a set is but to be frank either the accessories aren't worth the additional coin and in some cases to come the outfit isn't worth paying for to get the accessories. So I have 2 suggestions: 1. Have a discounted (or not. If people like the set they'll be willing to pay) set package but also allow us to buy the outfit and accessory separate. 2. At least make accessories salvageable so we get something back; even if it's one fabric. It's better than having an accessory wasting storage or being unused in wardrobe.
  21. I agree this game needs to be more alt friendly but I don't agree with the suggestions of the OP; sorry but they don't deserve for us to have to pay out real money to have an alt that can play this game without it being an uphill battle. I know it will NEVER happen but I've always advocated for account bound accessories and a shared storage. This would actually be incentive to be a premium member for me to be honest because let's face it even if they did implement it they won't give wardrobe for free so this definitely won't be free. I've always found it puzzling why this game has always been against having alts. How is it not financially beneficial to them for people to not have alts? And that's they're ultimate goal as a business to make as much money as possible. What's better NCWest? Someone buying one outfit a fortnight orrrrr someone loving one outfit soooo much they have to have it multiple times for their alts?
  22. This is just disgusting

    If it goes by premium and the money you've spend then I was overlooked unless rank 5 is too insignificant for them to throw a little luck my way.
  23. [Poll] Do you like RNG?

    And as soon as you buy that key and get your weapon then to add salt to the wound every weapon from that dungeon you get after that is your weapon you just bought a key for.....
  24. This game is pushing out too much content.

    I wouldn't mind them wanting to catch up to other regions if they did it properly. The drop rate of upgrade materials needs to equal the content rush and it simply never has. Rushing content means balancing the drop rate and gold earnings appropriately and things would have been fine. Yes people will argue 'but other people are at max cap and the rest are lazy....' let me point out: 1. Some of us have commitments outside of blade and soul. That doesn't make us any less of a player than those who do not. 2. Some of us have issues with gameplay that is beyond our reasonable control making things for us harder to obtain but that does not make us any less deserving and it is an obstacle. 3. Some of us cannot afford to advance quicker than other by means other than the in game gold we earn. (No I'm no having a dig I'm just stating a fact and as a F2P model this should be taken into account) And don't tell me to find another game because this isn't the game for me then if any of the above points apply to me. I like this game. They just make poor decisions without looking at the big picture.
  25. Event cupons

    Is the gem though? It's the same one from merchant of wonders and I couldn't send that to another character on my account.