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  1. Actually you're never short of finding English speaking players on a lot of the TW servers and the server OP mentioned is very populated by English speaking players. Ever thought that OP just loves this game and wanted to share their TW experience for other people who love the game and want to enjoy it without having to put up with NCWests joke version? And you're right, TW is almost 2 years old and that is a reason why things are handed to you in surveys so how sad is it that BnS NA/EU in a quarter of that lifespan already needs survey handouts because below silverfr
  2. Any pet becomes a legendary pet if it's heroic.
  3. The fact that your average player could pay off a second hand car loan quicker in real life than you can get a legendary in a *cricket*ing GAME is ridiculous. Even if I had the kind of farming time it takes to be as OP as I could with every patch it still wouldn't be fun and games are supposed to be fun! And sure, call me lazy and accuse me of wanting everything handed to me on a silver platter but that's not true. I don't want it to be easy or be able to be bought off the cash shop I just want it to be obtainable for the many not the few in a timely manner that they c
  4. I know summoner's one from PvP is quite useful for PvE but useless for PvP I'm 99% sure I read that somewhere but to be honest I get PvP anxiety so I avoid looking at the zen bean skill because I'll never get one. I'm a PvE scrub. I just wish they'd make that one skill from PvP obtainable in PvE like they made the exception for PvPers. Its not not fun being half dead before you even load into arena for a skill and those 5000 zen beans even doing dailies feels like a prison sentence being a total PvP pleb like me. lol
  5. To me watching a video feels lazy; I don't do it and I hate that people consider you dead weight in a party because you haven't. I'm not scared of making mistakes and learning from them and it's sad that if you do a new dungeon for the first time in this game and wipe the majority of party members will leave. It's seriously pathetic. I dont fast forward to the end of a movie, watch the end and the start from the beginning; it spoils the immersion. Patience isn't a virtue of the majority of players in this game.
  6. Same could be said about dungeon videos...... But those are like a prerequisite for even doing a dungeon first time in this game. Also the game doesn't tell you where to get certain things if you just look on your achievements. thanks OP for taking the time to make these videos. They will definitely help someone out and are appreciated. :D
  7. oh they meant it THAT broadly? Discounting NPCs also? Oh I hope so!!!! I thought they meant it just wouldn't be another hybrid to be honest. now my worst nightmare will be a yun only class. I'm terrible at making yuns look decent.
  8. Considering that part in story where the 'eight masters' give us their chi and Soha's gunslinging brother is there looks more and more like it'll be a gunner which sucks and I wish I were wrong. I associate guns in this game with bad guys and weakness to have to resort to a gun..... Really seems like an odd class choice but meh. Someone out there will love it!
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