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  1. No one knows and if you ask anyone from NCSoft when you'll probably get their trademark 'soon' answer and they'll release the date when they're ready.
  2. Also seems like you need to be not so ignorant to the fact that the fps drops and generally shitty quality of SSP to play with stacked people makes whether you can DPS irrelivent.
  3. Did they make all those people who got gear transfers make an open post in the forums to see what the player base thought of them getting gear transfers from one region to another? No they didn't and that was an absolute no in the game also. i understand transferring characters may be a little complex but not that impossible either. They can whip together a character with code easy. I have no problem with them helping you out at all and it shouldn't be a problem for them. That extra work would be beneficial to them also. They don't need to lose any more players.
  4. Actually you're never short of finding English speaking players on a lot of the TW servers and the server OP mentioned is very populated by English speaking players. Ever thought that OP just loves this game and wanted to share their TW experience for other people who love the game and want to enjoy it without having to put up with NCWests joke version? And you're right, TW is almost 2 years old and that is a reason why things are handed to you in surveys so how sad is it that BnS NA/EU in a quarter of that lifespan already needs survey handouts because below silverfr
  5. For me it's going fine. I don't feel the need to be as OP as I can be for the current patch. If I get kicked out of a dungeon so be it. I don't need my stats to carry me through dungeons.
  6. Yup out of all the regions we got the shit end of the premium stick and free users got the shit end of the f2p stick!! every 90 day sub gets a free costume on TW AND you feel like you're appreciated for supporting a F2P game. Use your HMCoins wisely and you'll never have to buy anything but the sub unless you want a nCoin exclusive outfit but there's also plenty of decent HMCoin only outfits too. ALSO with the absence of a currency exchange it also encourages people to sub. HMCoin you get free on a daily basis is a good way to earn money on the MP.
  7. Any pet becomes a legendary pet if it's heroic.
  8. For me having alts is what I can do in this region to be honest. With the servers in the state their in I've got no hope if doing dungeons that are very dependant on mechanics/timing. Some people don't have enough of a problem and can do it but with my location & their servers combined it just sucks. I don't think this is the region for me but I feel disrespectful not being able to communicate with everyone on TW servers if I random pug. Taiwan just give us an English speaking server please!!!
  9. Blackram outfit was relevant for me for the quest in jadestone, an achievement and running through all the blackram in peace to get to waypoints.
  10. I think they need to explain to us exactly how hard it is to make items account bound because how I see it is if another game can do it why can't Blade & Soul? Is GW2 a magical unicorn living in a magical unicorn land with a bunch of other Mmos out there? Maybe..... Or is it like the middle guy said? They weigh up the player demands and how hard the work is an just decided they could enough the voice of the people awhile longer and put something simple in the too hard basket?
  11. By destroy do you mean salvage or simply sell to a merchant or discard? because you can only salvage things that you can get mats out of and I don't know whether you can discard them or sell to an NPC as I've never tried.
  12. Here's another suggestion for premium members: allow us to buy inventory space (inventory + vault) with GOLD. IN GAME GOLD. Let that replace wardrobe being a privlege instead and make wardrobe free for everyone! the amount of free players who will buy costumes with inventory space will make up for the money you lose on bags and if it's premium only that might be incentive for people to buy a premium package to get cheaper inventory space. Just don't then be greedy and take it away when premium runs out.
  13. The fact that your average player could pay off a second hand car loan quicker in real life than you can get a legendary in a *cricket*ing GAME is ridiculous. Even if I had the kind of farming time it takes to be as OP as I could with every patch it still wouldn't be fun and games are supposed to be fun! And sure, call me lazy and accuse me of wanting everything handed to me on a silver platter but that's not true. I don't want it to be easy or be able to be bought off the cash shop I just want it to be obtainable for the many not the few in a timely manner that they c
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