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  1. Since around february I believe (shortly after beta ended), a bunch of facial animations which would play out while idling have no longer been working. There's been multiple posts about it which were buried and forgotten about. I'm sure a great deal of players have no idea they're even missing these animations (which make their character a lot nicer to look at while idling to be honest). Anyone who's played on the other regions will definitely notice it though. On NA our characters faces remain expressionless with a blank forward stare, and only change during the full body idle animations. Example: on the left is how the face will often appear on other regions, they smile and their eyes/eyebrows move, on the right is how it always is on NA. I've tried messaging support about it, but that has become a lost cause. First support tells me to set my graphics on maximum (which they always are), after telling them that isn't the problem, they asked me to send in detailed screenshots/video of the issue. After replying back to them with both screenshot and video evidence, along with forum threads that already discussed the issue showing that it affects all players, they replied telling me to post about it on the forums. (lol???) Then they asked me to do a file repair, a day after I told them I did a full reinstall of the game client. (seriously?) and now they've replied asking for screenshot/video again, which is just insulting because if they would have just read my other replies in that same ticket, they would have those. I've completely given up on blade and soul support at this point. So i'm hoping this thread doesn't die like the others did, and hopefully the missing animations actually get fixed. For older characters created when those animations were working, a lot of them don't appear quite as their creators intended anymore due to being expressionless.
  2. Promises about outfits and ofcourse no outfits!!!

    yeah, this is the second time they're releasing this now without the hair that's supposed to go along with it. :C always wanted that hair too ._. @Liinxy
  3. Thank you NCSoft ( Latency )

    Thanks a ton NCSoft for the new feature. I might not be one of the high ping players it really helps a lot, but damn guys well done. This is a massive improvement for the game. Enjoying the combat system for how it's meant to be just became available for a lot more players. Some of my friends who live quite far from the servers and couldn't really get into playing the game because of the lag might start playing again now.
  4. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    I too want gon gunner, I wish I had the power.
  5. Maybe It's Just Me

    Honestly there is no logical reason for them to implement these client-side "anti-cheats". A great analogy I saw someone else say about NC's decision to switch from gameguard to XIGNCODE3, is that it's basically like choosing between which foot you wanna shoot. All it does is cause problems for legitimate players and force them into using similar methods to hackers so that they can simply play the game. That is literally the one single thing that we can say these anti-cheats 100% definitely accomplish. Sure, there's lots of people who it might not cause issues for, but there is undoubtedly a LARGE amount of the playerbase who has had their game performance negatively impacted by XIGNCODE3, just as with gameguard. Basically you have 4 groups of people in this situation: Hackers/cheaters: these are the target of the anti-cheats, however they simply bypass it because it is client side and use whatever cheats they want, also in general will have a better game performance than many legitimate players due to not being bogged down by the anti-cheat doing its stuff. Unaware Players: usually are very casual players or ones who just don't put a lot of focus and effort into being a "skilled" player at the game. their game performance may be negatively impacted by the anti-cheat, but they just won't really notice since they don't try to push their usefulness ingame to the limits. Ignorance is bliss :) Unaffected Players: these are players who are unaffected by the anti-cheat, it has no issues with their system and they see no problem with it. Truth be told though, that anti-cheat isn't doing anything FOR them, it's just not doing anything that hurts their game enjoyment either (unless they have friends from the affected group who are quitting). This group often seems to believe they live in some strange alternate reality where every other person who owns a computer has the exact same computer hardware/specs as they do, and frequently act like anyone who says they are from the 'affected players' group must be a liar. Affected Players: these are players whos game performance is negatively impacted by the anti-cheat. If they are new to the game, they will most likely just find a new game to play. Players that have invested more effort and time into the game won't want to just leave all that investment behind due to a bad decision by NCSoft that might be reverted in the future (hopefully), so rather than quit, these more invested players will end up resorting to the same methods as the hackers/cheaters (bypassing the anti-cheat) just so they can play the game normally and enjoy it. Out of those 4 groups, only one is really impacted by the anti-cheat, and it isn't the hackers/cheaters. If they even have a way to detect it, NCSoft can't just ban anyone bypassing the anti-cheat, or they'd be banning a HUGE amount of otherwise legitimate players. Players who would all be 100% legit if it wasn't for the anti-cheat in the first place, and are only bypassing it because they have to so that they can play the game, be it either people who have to for non-abysmal game performance, or people who literally can't even open the game at all unless they bypass the anti-cheat. "Hey we just put in this new feature that makes it so you can't play anymore. But if you do anything so that you can still play, then we'll ban you" yeahhhhhh no, that aint gonna happen. I mean, why be afraid of being banned for bypassing the anti-cheat just so you can play the game, if the alternative is equivalent to being banned anyways (not being able to play). Anyway, TL;DR, the anti cheat does nothing but cause problems for (some) legitimate players, no other group is affected by it. like the thread poster said, the experience of the player should always come first, and NCSoft has either got it backwards or are just so ignorant to what their playerbase has been saying since beta with gameguard that they actually believe these client-side anti-cheats do more good than bad.
  6. How about: Remove XIGNCODE3, and don't put back gameguard, and stay the hell away from these intrusive anti cheats that don't accomplish what they are supposed to and do nothing but shit on our game performance? how about that? Like if NCSoft can't develop their own server-based anti cheat, at least don't ruin our games performance for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever. KTHX.
  7. Gameguard is trash

    yeah it seems like for some people it reactivated and continues to wreak havoc. Does anyone know if it's only happening to people that use the 32 bit client or is there people using the 64 bit whos game also opens with gameguard? Either way, i'm pretty sure it's intended for it to be disabled right now, so for those people who it's still opening for, I think NCWest needs to get to the bottom of it and fix it. Like, it's worrying enough having gameguard opening and running when it's supposed to be... but if it's running when it's not even supposed to be, then i'd be really worried about it causing some sort of damage to my system.
  8. Cosmetics and more room?

    The best thing you can do is get premium once in awhile to store costumes in your wardrobe. There's a code giveaway going right now from Alienware which includes free 7days of premium. You and your friend should hit it up and get that 7 day prem and store all your outfits. Alienware giveaway link - https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1519188/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/blade-soul-secrets-of-the-stratus-pack-key-giveaway here's a thread with confirmation it's legit - I'd recommend signing up for the newsletter too, as there's often codes gifted through being signed up to it which also include a free 7 day premium.
  9. Gameguard is trash

    I've been using the 64 bit client since it came out and haven't seen gameguard run since like, that first week or two when everyone complained and they shut it off. Had some suspicions that it might still be running in some way, like it was just hiding itself and not the game client, but most likely it isn't, the gameguard service always stays at "stopped" in task manager. My computer fans used to always whine kinda loudly whenever I played BNS while gameguard was active, but ever since they shut it off I haven't had that loud whining from my computer fans either. The games performance increased a lot for me ever since they disabled gameguard. Been loving playing now that I no longer see the shitty gameguard logo pop up whenever I start the game, like I can finally play without the gameplay experience being tainted right from the get go.
  10. Ping way too high?

    Yeah if VPN's didn't lower it for you then you must just live way too far away from the servers to get better ping.
  11. Ping way too high?

    There's a good chance your data isn't taking an efficient route to the server. Try wtfast or pingzappers free trials to see how much it lowers your ping. If they make a really big difference then most likely your ISP hasn't set up peering and is doing a bad job with their routing.
  12. Ping way too high?

    Because BNS combat system requires two-way communication between your client and the server for each skill use, the ingame delay is an accurate measure of your latency on skill usage. (example: when you press a skill, your client sends a packet to the server saying you used that skill -> the server processes this and sends a packet back to your client telling it to actually do the skill -> your client processes the recieved packet and then the skill is used). This type of combat system was built with extremely low ping in mind, to make reaction time an important key factor for the "action" feel of the combat, as well as making competitive play well... more competitive, due to player reaction time (skill) playing an important role. Basically, whatever your ping directly to the server is, if processing time is next to nothing then you can consider that you pretty much have double that ping for actually using skills in combat. NA internet infrastructure just isn't good enough for this kind of combat system. You either live close enough to have a playable ping (with or without VPN), or you just have to deal with it.
  13. Hackers in pvp...

    Ye sadly. This is why I suspect that it's still semi-active in some way. I'm hoping that some day NC sees the light and fully acknowledges its uselessness, and completely removes it for good so that it doesn't even install in the first place. That would be the first step towards us getting an actually viable working anti-cheat.
  14. Hackers in pvp...

    I would bet on it that the majority of people complaining about an increase in "hacks" are just people with very little understanding of the other classes or maybe even their own, who got wrecked in PvP and can't comprehend how, and so they just jump to assuming it must be hacks because gameguard got removed. Gameguard never blocked jack shit. Since the game launched in NA there's always been hackers and bots whether gameguard is disabled or not. Honestly if there's an increase in hackers all of a sudden in pvp, i'd guess it's because of venture tokens now becoming an end of season reward. Anyone who's played since last year should be able to easily remember when the 1v1 arena was so flooded with bots that you had to get to platinum rank just to stop fighting bots and fight real players. Gameguard was enabled during that time, and had no impact. They removed the dragon certificates from the easy blue dungeons which made it impossible for bots to endlessly farm the arena for soulstone pouches, and that is what stopped them. Gameguard has no impact and never did. If there's a lot of hackers, it's because there's high valued rewards which they can get easily through hacking. Literally the only difference i've seen since gameguard was disabled is that now my ani cancels are smoother and now my combos aren't getting broken anymore by the random odd key press not registering. Also haven't had a single client crash, used to get them every day. And that's IF it was really disabled. Cause it seems an awful lot like gameguard was just integrated more into the client somehow to be hidden, there's still people experiencing issues that normally were only caused by gameguard. I don't want some useless and potentially harmful sofware installed on my computer just because a small handful of people cry for it when they have no idea what they are talking about or how stuff really works.
  15. Pls put gameguard back on

    I agree, I think they just made it so gameguard is only hiding itself, or is more integrated into the client somehow, would make sense if that's the case, since the little update with the maintenance was being flagged by some peoples antivirus. My game does seem to be running a lot smoother though, so maybe it really is just disabled, if that debugger error is caused by the client only somehow. Still doesn't quite feel 100% like there's no gameguard though. Still seeing a lot of people experiencing the common issues that seem to only be present while gameguard is active (such as that debugger error).
  16. What is game guard for?

    Please, I never once used the word "rootkit" any time that i've ever talked about gameguard. And no, windows wouldn't flag it as malware just because it can sometimes corrupt the processes which it hooks into. And yes, there is known instances of gameguard corrupting drivers, OS, as well as it seeming to have a special dislike against software that monitors/regulates fan temps and speeds (the most common issue I've seen involving gameguard doing something that can cause permanent damage). Not just rumors. Even in the best case scenario that it works 100% fine and dandy with someones computer rig, it doesn't change the fact that it is accomplishing nothing while at the same time hindering game performance for legitimate players. At the very least it causes input lag for everyone. And if you don't think it causes input lag, try maining a KFM for awhile and tell me you see no difference when they have gameguard on compared to when they have it disabled. It's like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing night and day with how smooth the game feels.
  17. What is game guard for?

    Maybe you've been living under a rock and missed all the issues that a lot more than 10 people were having because of gameguard during the last week, but there's some things I think need to be clarified to people who think like you. 1: Gameguard doesn't stop macros. There's quite a few different brands of mouse/keyboard software that can still macro just fine even with the "unfixed" gameguard (lol) we got with the raven update. The most commonly used brand being Razer. 2: Gameguard doesn't stop bots, hacks, not a single thing, because anyone who is trying to "hack" the game in some way and does get blocked by it, can (and will) google a bypass afterwards and have it bypassed within minutes. If you consider both of those points, it doesn't take a genius to see that the only thing gameguard actually IS stopping, is legitimate players who happen to have computer configurations that gameguard doesn't agree with. Meanwhile it's also affecting the performance for everyone in game (unless you bypass it). And if you're real unlucky it can corrupt your drivers or even operating system. For something that accomplishes literally nothing, it doesn't make any sense at all to put your customers computers at even the tiniest chance of risk. And like Raiya said, it's probably costing them a lot. A bunch of people have quit this game because they can't even log in because of gameguard errors. Other's have quit just because of being fed up with the issues it causes them. Also there's people who will simply refuse to even try the game simply because it has gameguard. I came to BnS from another game during the beta's and tried to bring some friends with me, and two of those friends refused to play just because they "wouldn't touch a game that has gameguard". Gameguard is doing nothing for NCSoft but losing them potential customers, and doing nothing for the players but affecting their game performance.
  18. Feb 14 Client.exe not showing up again

    So if gameguard will still auto update itself and turn all of it's crap back on even if it's intended to be disabled, just cause it's still in the game folder... maybe you guys should clue in and just completely remove it instead of trying to disable something that will unintentially update itself and turn itself back on full force. I've gotten used to playing with the default hotkeys since beta (so I don't re-bind anything), never macro'd, honestly i'm one of the least affected people by gameguard. I've heard of a lot of WAY worse issues people have been having than what i've experienced. But the performance impact it has on my game is still very noticable (inputs being delayed, random fps spikes, inputs randomly not going through at all) to the point that if it wasn't for that leaked gameguard-free client, I would no longer be playing this game until the complete removal of gameguard.
  19. Hmm I guess maybe I should point it out here that uninstalling BNS does not uninstall gameguard from your PC. If you want to uninstall gameguard, just uninstalling BNS won't do it. You have to go into your computers registry and manually remove it yourself. So even though you're white knighting, you still just pointed out another aspect of how gameguard IS an issue.
  20. 64-Bit problems so far.

    Seriously NCSoft need to listen. It takes one look at the bns reddit front page and anyone with even a single functioning brain cell can tell that gameguard needs to go. Bots/spammers are almost a non-issue now compared to the earlier months of NA/EU BNS. Back then, even though lots of people still were really against gameguard, some were more accepting of it due to the insane bot and spammer problem during that time. But now there's hardly any bots or spammers, and I can assure you gameguard had absolutely nothing to do with their decrease of activity. The last time gameguard had been deactivated and then activated again, a lot of players tried pretty hard to get NCSoft to finally ditch it once and for all, but they used the huge bot/spammer issue at the time as a buffer to keep it. Since one of the biggest complaints at the time was the bots and spammers, they said they needed gameguard to combat them. Over time the bots and spammers dwindled, not because of gameguard, but because of changes to loot tables, changes to pvp rewards, and changes in the games active population. It became less profitable for the people running the bots/spammers, so they lessened, it had nothing to do with gameguard at all. All new games these days start up with a lot of bots and spammers, and over time the companies running those bots and spammers move their spam to whatever other newer games are coming out. So why now, at a time when bots and spammers are at an all time low, do we get stuck with the worst, most atrocious version of gameguard yet? I can't think of any reason other than the one at NCSoft making the decision to keep gameguard, is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing braindead and incapable of logical thought. Maybe they're just too stubborn to admit that they made a stupid decision and that their reasoning behind that decision is flawed.
  21. 64-Bit problems so far.

    I wonder the exact same thing. There's been people asking for gameguards removal ever since launch, and that group has steadily grown. There's no good reason they can give us for sticking something on our computers which can potentially BREAK our ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing computers. Literally the only reason they've ever said on these forums was "It helps us catch bots and hackers" like what a joke. Even if it helped (which I can guarantee you, it doesn't), they think that it's worth putting all of our PC's at risk of potential hardware breakdown? Like where's the logic? I spent more on my PC than I did on BNS, more than I ever will on BNS. People use their PC's to play the game when there's important documents on those computers, sometimes stuff related to their jobs. and NCSoft thinks it's okay to play with fire with peoples PC's just so they can pretend to catch a few hackers and bots? What a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing slap in the face. I honestly hope that if they do cause real issues for someone because of breaking their computer, that they get a big ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing lawsuit in their hands. The worst part? We've been asking for it's removal since launch, with tons of good reasons to support our request. And not a single good counter-argument for why it should stay. And NCSoft just keeps ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing ignoring their players.
  22. 64-Bit problems so far.

    There is no set of words right now that I could use to explain my disappointment in NCSoft for giving us all a big middle finger and attaching gameguard (an apparently very malicious version of it) to the 64 bit client. All hype for the 64 bit client died when I saw that trash malware's logo appear on the client start. I wish there was some kind of reassurance that it isn't burning out my computers hardware in some way (very ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing expensive hardware at that). But seeing what other people have been experiencing due to the new gameguard just makes me worried and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing uncomfortable even having the game open. Thanks for ruining the patch. Like have you guys not listened at all to a single one of the MANY very logical, reasonable, and detailed arguments on these forums for why gameguard is useless and does nothing but aggravate the legitimate players? Does NCSoft not pay any attention to how many ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing issues this shit causes for us? Sheesh, just remove the piece of crap already so we can all get the performance increase we've all been wanting and just cut it out with the gameguard bullshit for good. Like whoever's in charge of having gameguard being attached to the client would literally implode and form a black hole if their head went any further up their ass. - and at anyone who's not having any issues personally with the updated gameguard, good for you. That doesn't mean there isn't a shitload of people who are having issues because of it. And really I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the people who think they have no problems from gameguard would get a big performance increase if it were removed. And whether it directly affects your game/PC or not, would you still be okay with it if suddenly the good friends you play with weren't able to play anymore because of it? or worse off if any of those friends had their PC actually break down from it. Just because your own game seems to be running ok, that's not a logical argument at all to attach something malicious to the client that does affect a massive amount of the playerbase so negatively. It's pretty much a fact that gameguard accomplishes absolutely nothing. It's just "there" causing issues for some people. With how useless it actually is, even if the chance of it causing problems was only 0.1%, you'd be giving people a 0.1% chance of huge issues for absolutely no good reason. for the record, my game seems to be running fine with no issues, but when people are saying they played just fine for a couple hours and then their windows started experiencing problems, and continued to have problems even after they restarted their PC, that worries me and makes me uncomfortable even having the game client running. the current version of gameguard is just like a really bad virus. Like someone in another thread said, Gameguard needs to go. It's a huge stain on a great game.
  23. North Star costume bug?

    I can confirm that this is bugged for all gons. Seems like the skin texture from the default preview gon is overlapping on the thighs. Hopefully it's fixed soon so I can actually wear it without getting annoyed xD, if it remains unfixed for too long then I might try to get support to exchange it for the ncoins I spent on it.
  24. Pale Stalker censored?

    noticed a few mistakes in these posts so I fixed them for you guys ^^
  25. [KR] New Skillbuild in Testserver

    the white knight is strong in this one. Honestly, NCWest has made lots of decisions that have no solid logic behind them and would NOT be in their best interest as a company if they only cared about maximizing profit. They've made quite a few choices that make no sense whatsoever. And no, nerfing a class doesn't make it useless. But apparently you know absolutely nothing about the KFM class or how it works, because all the changes proposed for it would literally make it useless and be akin to deleting the class because It's a pretty safe assumption that if they did apply all those changes to kfm, every person playing one right now would either quit the game or reroll a new class. The current changes to KFM aren't just a "nerf". It's a complete dismantling of the class with no rebuild. Also the skill changes really make hardly any difference in how easy it is to balance everything. The current changes throw everything WAY more out of balance than they ever were if anything. All it really accomplishes is that people wouldn't have to grind for the HM skills to be able to be competitive in pvp, which is a great thing tbh. Which hey they could have done without the full skill overhaul that throws everything out of whack and makes everyone have to relearn how to play their classes and get rid of any habits they've built up over the months and months they've spent practicing them. When a game has some fundamental issues, and you try to ignore those issues and be a white knight and blindly "support" the company and its decisions no matter how bad they may be, all you're doing is holding it back from actually getting better.