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  1. Yeah if VPN's didn't lower it for you then you must just live way too far away from the servers to get better ping.
  2. There's a good chance your data isn't taking an efficient route to the server. Try wtfast or pingzappers free trials to see how much it lowers your ping. If they make a really big difference then most likely your ISP hasn't set up peering and is doing a bad job with their routing.
  3. Because BNS combat system requires two-way communication between your client and the server for each skill use, the ingame delay is an accurate measure of your latency on skill usage. (example: when you press a skill, your client sends a packet to the server saying you used that skill -> the server processes this and sends a packet back to your client telling it to actually do the skill -> your client processes the recieved packet and then the skill is used). This type of combat system was built with extremely low ping in mind, to make reaction time an important key factor for the "
  4. Seriously NCSoft need to listen. It takes one look at the bns reddit front page and anyone with even a single functioning brain cell can tell that gameguard needs to go. Bots/spammers are almost a non-issue now compared to the earlier months of NA/EU BNS. Back then, even though lots of people still were really against gameguard, some were more accepting of it due to the insane bot and spammer problem during that time. But now there's hardly any bots or spammers, and I can assure you gameguard had absolutely nothing to do with their decrease of activity. Th
  5. I wonder the exact same thing. There's been people asking for gameguards removal ever since launch, and that group has steadily grown. There's no good reason they can give us for sticking something on our computers which can potentially BREAK our ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing computers. Literally the only reason they've ever said on these forums was "It helps us catch bots and hackers" like what a joke. Even if it helped (which I can guarantee you, it doesn't), they think that it's worth putting all of our PC's at risk of potential hardware breakdown? Like where's th
  6. There is no set of words right now that I could use to explain my disappointment in NCSoft for giving us all a big middle finger and attaching gameguard (an apparently very malicious version of it) to the 64 bit client. All hype for the 64 bit client died when I saw that trash malware's logo appear on the client start. I wish there was some kind of reassurance that it isn't burning out my computers hardware in some way (very ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing expensive hardware at that). But seeing what other people have been experiencing due to the new gameguard just makes me worried and
  7. Still trying to get them to fix it for soul fighters, or to at least say something along the lines of "we forwarded this info to the appropriate dev team" or something. But nah still going in circles again with support, sucks going through this shit all over again.
  8. I sent in a ticket about it too and have been in the process of being taken through the same loops as the last time I was trying to report when the animations were broken for everyone. *hoping it doesn't take forever*
  9. created a bns clone of the real me literally looks exactly like me, i'd include some pictures for reference but all I got is lame ass flexing pics lmfao
  10. Hey just wanna shout out a huge thank you to the devs for getting the facial expressions working again, and to rukkiri for forwarding this thread to them, and also to everyone who posted all the screenshot/video/gif evidence that the expressions were indeed broken. Thanks everyone!
  11. tried to make "Geralt of Rivia" from the witcher
  12. ahhh thank you! that's a huge compliment :3
  13. thanks! it's the silver deva gauntlet skin, drops from mushins tower second floor, or you can get it with 100 warrior tokens from the mushins tower exchange npc
  14. close up of a screenshot from my post before this one
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