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  1. I crash at the same areas and also only in combat. BSH, Cold storage, Nexus, Infinity Tower, Mushin Tower. I even sent a ticket explaining all of this, did file repairs, re-installed the game, updated drivers and windows. Game still crashes. Disabled every service that wasnt windows and all startup programs like they said. Still crashing. We arent the only ones though. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4s6vnj/anyone_else_crashing_randomly_followed_by_a_send/ Since it's only a handful of us I doubt anything will get done. I didnt change anything on
  2. My game is crashing to the send error report screen while in combat. Started day before yesterday and has continued since.
  3. My game has crashed 3 times today. Once at Hae Mujin, once in tower of infinity, and now again while farming Junghados hat. Never crashed so much before so idk whats happening.
  4. But according to the almighty NCsoft its all of our ISPs fault, every single ISP is at fault :D across NA and EU, its quite amazing that the NCsoft servers are so top of the line and powerful that all of our ISPs would be at fault.
  5. I notice it only pops up and updates when fighting, basically showing your ping for each hit or skill used.
  6. Same for Jiwan, halfway thru exile with SF lol. Tried to get back in and said it was undergoing maint.
  7. BnS is the only game I play that gets horrible ping spikes to damn near 1k and sits there unless I restart the client. I checked resource monitor against the in game ping tool and turns out the in game tool is pretty damn accurate. Which sucks since Im about 6 hours away from the servers -.- but its been this way since about 2 weeks after launch, since its not fixed by now lol no hope for the future. I also play pso2 and get no lag whatsoever
  8. my ping just spiked to 900 and is staying there, decided to check resource monitor against the in game ping tool and turns out it was right :/ nice to see things havent changed in the 3 months Ive been away from this game lol
  9. IIRC you needed to have a level 45 (or 50) character to even be eligible to get SF to start at 45 and its only once per account so that BS excuse they gave about the game being launched a few months ago (and yet theyre pushing idk how many years of "content" in just a few months) is just that, BS.
  10. I remember when an outfit was like 20-25g, :/ good times lol
  11. I uninstalled a few weeks ago but thinking about coming back for SF lol Got sick of waiting a couple months back so I just made him on TW xD his name is Gin Badak.
  12. This has been happening for a long time actually. I live in US, about 6 hours away from the server. Back when I still played it happened mostly in open world (didnt use X-server all that often), My ping randomly spiked to over 1k and sat there unless I restarted. Also got the uninstall anti virus thing from support. Funny thing is I play PSO2 and that server is in japan, no input delay or lag whatsoever. This only happens with blade and soul.
  13. About bots, I usually dont participate in arena pvp but one day I was like wth I'll play it. So I did about 30 matches in one sitting and I saw only 2 real players xD. I love this game, I want it to succeed but the bots, optimization (idk how they screwed up from cbt to launch because cbt ran alot better) lack of communication from devs, bugs that have been around since before NA release still existing. Im back to playing pso2 until chi master comes out but it all depends on how smooth things are running when that happens. Pso2 :D lol
  14. The schedule is a lie, they may have planned out when they wanted to release things but if the silverfrost update is any example they can push things out whenever they want. The way they even changed the daily dash from ending Apr 6th to ending on Mar. 23rd for the update is proof enough of that.
  15. Quick question, are the outfits stampable o: ? Also idk if this will be true for our region or not but from what others are saying, the new 6v6 battleground will be gear based o: obviously no problem if you dont pvp or wanna 6v6 but yea lol
  16. Got 2 frozen stingers @ 5s, and a yeti shield 4 @ 10s. not wasting gold or money on expansion or keys so we'll see how it goes tomorrow o:
  17. Yes ._. Like your other characters Im sure the lyn will also be fantastic! o:
  18. just sayin, I want chi master too o: but expect mobs to reset with it as well! To me anyway this is the most annoying bug next to gliding all of a sudden stopping in mid air and such or having to start sprinting like 5 times because something magical cancels the sprint! All these bugs still exist on other regions so we may want them to fix all the bugs first and stuff but if other regions are any example, it wont happen :/
  19. Thats what i did :3 now I play other things while waiting but checking back for events and such.
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