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  1. heyo 564 ap, 212%cdmg, hongmoon 8 summoner here. looking for a new clan. few questions though. how active are you guys? i'm a pretty hardcore pve player that lives and breathes dungeons, i try to do two sets of daily challenges a day and then clear purples, then spam 4man dungeons if i have time. i've gotten to the point where i'm tired of pugging endgame and need a clan to run with. (namely i've hit a stump where i'm at awakened scorpio 5 and because i don't have people to split stungers with i'm left getting outbid) what times of the day do you guys p
  2. This is getting out of control. First the rootkit you force on us is such a resource hog that it makes the game almost unplayable and now it's shitting out massive amounts of false positives. It was removed from the western release of aion so what would make anyone think that it would be a good idea to put it in this game? There's no reason to have it, since it seems to punish legit players more than actual cheaters At this point in the game is it really necessary to keep it? If you want people to leave then sure.
  3. You mistake NCSoft for a company that cares
  4. if it's anything like the taiwan event you use the stone in lieu of a weapon and doing so gives you a discount on the other mats. it's not a very significant discount because the higher your weapon the less of a discount you get. Article said 10-40%. 10% off a *cricket* ton is still a shit ton.
  5. yeah except you don't get a free breeze weapon, proof was posted earlier
  6. If you're on mushin good luck mining on blue. hacking reds come and kill the npcs in minutes.
  7. yea its bad. i'm not looking forward to past breeze. at least my breeze will last me a while.
  8. awakened breeze to true breeze is ~1200g btw
  9. Sorry for double post but this forum is so buggy i can't quote people properly. Yeah i forgot to mention that with oathbreaker path you don't get the skill until true breeze which costs an extra 200+ gold on that path. Are you sure the post means we're getting true breeze just for having true pirate? what I gathered was that they were simply stating that the path stays the same. is there any other confirmation of this?
  10. Please tell me this is a joke. You're actually retiring the pirate path because "hurrdurr you have to farm old dungeons"? Please tell me you're *cricket*ing kidding me -.- NCSoft, do you play this game at all? actually give a single shit about players? remember that this game is f2p? plan on releasing soul fighter before you pull this shit? Removing the pirate path for weapons ends up doing *cricket* all to help anyone because we still have to go back to those dungeons to grind out our accessories anyway which have an even lower drop rate
  11. For a dungeon you have to pay to run more than once the loot table is absolute crap. 2 naryu silver, 2-3 freezing orbs, 1 stinger from both bosses. what a joke. You actually expect us to pay to run this more than once? Spamming yeti or frozen fang 4man is far more profitable and doesnt cost money to reset, or gold to unlock the last boss. Seriously do something about this, this is stupid beyond belief.
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