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  1. Why would we want to eat more for a fat butt to try and impress a minority of women? anyway... Yes, let's increase boobs!
  2. Agreed. Bigger boobs and asses, also. HOW CAN YOU NOT INCLUDE BUTTS? Butts are a very important matter.
  3. It's alright and yeah I even tried Optimize for Combat and it does not help whatsoever. In pretty much empty areas it'll increase my FPS by around 5 and slightly make the 1 fps drops/freezes more bearable but that's about it. I was curious to try out "optimize for low end PCs" but I can't stand the tiny/blurred screen, even when lowering my desktop's resolution, which just looks... disgusting. I don't play this game to look at cardboard characters, honestly.... but in that state I reached a max of 70 FPS in a cave on my own, so it's about a 30 FPS increase, nothing amazing but it s
  4. Ah okay thank you. Nothing has helped improve my game even with the affinity/priority set, performance improved, full screen, etc etc. I'll just leave it alone and put it down to.. AMD being absolute crap and that I should upgrade from an AMD motherboard, GPU and CPU someday when I get some money.
  5. Also, the save priority tool doesn't work. Tried both 32 bit (doesn't work for my OS) and 64 bit says it installs and needs to reboot my computer, so I follow that, reboot and there's still no save option or anything on task manager's priority/affinity. ;o
  6. Thanks, will give it a shot and also use that saving priority tool you linked. I've been having terrible trouble with this game for a while now, like on the lowest settings I'm talking about 20 stable fps (while not in combat) in places like Frostscale Basin (due to the snow) and 8-14 fps in combat, which makes my game too choppy to pull off combos like consecutive Flash Steps on my Blade Master. I can't do Soulstone Plains or Grand Harvest due to going from around 15 fps hitting 1-4 FPS in an instant on a boss encounter & crashing for 10-20 seconds, including ter
  7. @Sudako Hi there, thanks a lot for sharing this info. I'm wondering what you can suggest for my processor as I noticed you listed some AMD when setting the affinity/cores, and I'm not sure if mine's listed there, it's an AMD Anthlon(tm) X4 750K Quad Core Processor 4.00 GHz. Thanks!
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