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  1. Soooo, I Quit, for now, I guess!

    Oh and how can I not forget, the long disabling of Portrait pictures after a few idiots uploaded offensive/illegal/disgusting pictures, to ruin it for everyone, twice now.
  2. I don't really like drawing attention to myself, and I don't want to make this into a typical "I am quitting" thread, but too late, I'm already typing it! and since I technically haven't quit, I just don't actually play the game anymore and only log in every week or so to check if there's any new outfits to spend my hongmoon coins on and speak to a few friends. :P Would be cool if I could play this game though, it's a great game, but a few reasons as to why I no longer play (even though nobody cares, it's good to give feedback:) Gear progression is a big, expensive grind forcing PvP (even if it's technically PvE in a PvP setting, still.) for soulstones, moonstones etc etc. The 'Pay to win/pay to progress' methods and events. Badly optimization for my drivers, causing 5-20 fps on average and most of all on the lowest settings, even after multiple re-installs, overclocking, switching OS etc while other bigger online games run smoother. The anti-social community, toxic players (I know you can't escape them,) elitists and unrealistic ego-fueled players who put unrealistic AP requirements on their dungeon group recruitment. I played this game for about... hmmm.. 3-5 months, and only ever met about 4 actual "friends," with just 1 of them adding me off of the game, like on Skype, to keep in-touch. :P That's surprising to me, anyway - as I am quite a social person, oh well. Bots, Hackers, Gold spammers. PvP. It's pretty much whoever hits first and gets a number of seemingly-endless combos off; wins. Open world PvP = Whoever spent the most gold; wins. Content being brought out too quickly. Hongmoon skills. The way you sort of float when colliding with objects/scenery and lag when jumping and gliding from a platform, basically the game engine, I guess. The way you also can't exactly freely explore the world without being stopped by invisible walls. No Battlegrounds that scale everyone's stats like in Arena. The fact that you can't whisper friends/players WHILE in cross-server dungeons/outside lobby.... What I do love about the game though: The story/quests/lore. Combat in general (just not really PvP, even though I love PvP on most other games) Visuals/scenery, art, architecture. Gliding/Windwalking. Currency Exchange. Getting outfits with Hongmoon coins from Gold, is great. Crafting. Leveling, skill book system. No actual armor, just wear any outfit you want. Making gold. Character Creation and outfits. LOVE THEM. Bubs! (As Joanna would say) And other things that haven't come to mind. Respect
  3. Hug gesture

    One does not simply sacrifice beautiful bubs! :o
  4. All 7 of my accounts hacked (maybe)

    Wow.. I hope you get them back! that sucks. Nice wallpaper by the way.
  5. To All You Prudes

  6. To All You Prudes

    Hahaha come on, don't be shy because of the over-sensitive people, some may actually welcome your compliments as I get that quite often but a lot of the times it's the "OMG Creep!!!" reaction, which actually makes me laugh because if a simple compliment is creepy to them, then that says a lot about the person as a whole. o_o Good, embrace the glorious bubs! never stop jiggling them to comfort other people's ignorance :D
  7. The Problem With Blade and Soul

    True, correct video. Let's not forget the game isn't even optimized for most drives/badly optimized in general because of it being on an old game engine aaaaaaand pay to win events ruining the game.
  8. Larger breasts size

    Why would we want to eat more for a fat butt to try and impress a minority of women? anyway... Yes, let's increase boobs!
  9. To All You Prudes

    Why play this game, Boobs & Soul, if you can't handle basic compliments aimed at your character/outfit style? Sure you might just be here to -play- the game but at the end of the day, you're playing a big-breasted female character with her ass hanging out of her mini-skirt. A prudes' automatic reaction to a compliment aimed at their character: Must be a guy, definitely a creep! Oh look, here's a picture of me playing Blade & Soul, creeping behind bushes while Poking my mouth through the leaves to say "I like the outfit.." in a creepy, low toned voice. .......
  10. Hongmoon level

    Hmmm well if you wanna grind, I guess you could go to Frostscale Basin mobs, where you do the 100 kill quest... killing 1000 snake humanoid/nagas gives you an achievement also, and Frostscale essences which you can sell.
  11. Hongmoon level

    Do the daily challenges, get 30 XP Fragments for 100k XP Use 20 heavenly energy things from daily challenges on 100k XP charm Do vipercap and spend the mushrooms on 100k XP charm I don't bother with dailies anymore, too lazy
  12. Ingame harassment

    The power is in the harassed player on games like this where you have the choice to opt out of harassment, or feed the sociopaths.
  13. Ingame harassment

    It's completely different though. The harassed player can press 4 to unequip his outfit and it'll all be over.
  14. Ingame harassment

    It promotes sociopathic attitudes towards other players, so you can't really do anything about it other than walk away/ignore them.
  15. Personally, I'm passed caring. The Pay to win/pay to progress events, forced PvP (SSP PvE Lagfest really) and the costs of upgrades put me off wanting to upgrade/play this game properly, as well as its poor optimization for most drivers.