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  1. This is the response I received from BnS support: "Upon checking your logs, you already received the content of Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond ( Orichalcum x10 ) and inside the inventory of your character" How come Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond Gem Pouch is same with Orichalcum x10? I feel hopeless for item restore of crafting materials I used.
  2. Crafting items lost this morning

    Wow. I spent materials for Sparkling Hexagonal Gem Pouch and now nothing's to receive. I'll gonna log ticket about this. X.x
  3. Log In Error?

    Group 3 is dead (Jiwan, Soha, Dochun). I'm from dochun and i can't login too. /wrist
  4. KFM - is it really that hard?

    I would like to ask what KFM essential HM skills? Is it just Volume 2? Or please indicate what kind of skills needed. I'm currently using WL/FM but I'd like to create KFM as an alt. Thanks!
  5. RNG wall within first 30min of gameplay

    That's a blue weapon. You should stop at least 10 pcs if you have bad luck and then proceed level 16, sell those 10 weapons, and buy 1 for your class specific. Then there comes purple weapon for blight, use your viridian key from survey. No they didn't nerf the drop rate.
  6. Disconnected

    Yes realone, i already sent a ticket and they gave a several suggestions and none of these worked: - Getting our details via DxDiag and HiJackThis - Disable services, run cmd netsh command - Use public DNS, then cmd flushdns command - Monitor server icmp.us.ncwest.com response via WinMTR (and it shows 1-5% packet loss while playing) - Getting your connection details - Suggesting to not use router/hub, use windows firewall only - Uninstall virus scanner What worked for me is to make my modem as bridge and use another router. Disadvantage is i'm having a higher ping than the usual. @Amraith yes we've already log a ticket but it's good to know if many players are affected of this issue. Maybe the issue is region-specific. Hopefully we hear anything from BnS infra team. They could also check their side what's really happening after Desolate Tomb patch.
  7. Disconnected

    I think we're the few people affected with this issue after Desolated Tomb patch. I'm still getting this issue if I'm directly connected to my modem (but not when I used a router and that's weird). Maybe it has something to do with my public IP address and NAT is enabled in my modem. Hopefully BnS see this issue in their side and give us a real fix. :(
  8. i give up on this event !!

    Just skip the event for butthurt like me. =))
  9. issues with the launcher

    So it happened to me earlier today. This time i'm using router instead of directly connected to modem. So it works now again. =))
  10. Yeti iframe

    I'd like to ask for further clarification. 1-F can iFrame yeti crux? :O
  11. Do people still play this game?

    Yes, people still play this game. But of course, there are always a single person who'll say the game is dead. It will be tough for you if you're still in 400 AP~ unless you find a good clan or have a lot of friends to carry you. Once you've reached 500 AP, farming/completing dungeon will be a lot easier.
  12. issues with the launcher

    Where are you located Casiemiera? It also happened to me since Desolated Tomb patch. But yesterday night, I was able to play with no DC issues. I'm not sure if BnS already fixed this issue, or probably it's more ISP problem instead.
  13. Why i quit this game

    Staying in game is player's perspective. I'm F2P player and will be reaching 600 AP soon. So what's the issue? Don't be insecure to 700-750 AP or players who are willing to pay and support the game. Just enjoy your stay while it lasts. :D
  14. I had this problem for a week where packet loss is 5% but already fixed on my side now. I'm not sure if BnS did something from their end or the issue is specific to my ISP.
  15. SSP Weapon Chests again

    I already used a gun and it only tickles. Please stop overreacting.