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  1. it is basically impossible to "steal" your account if you keep your mail protected and BnS server are not hacked... if it is not, you have a way bigger problem than some game account if they are, we all have a bigger problem the only reason why an account would get stolen is the use of some third party software to login (yeah, im looking at you buddys) and the abuse of that OR you told someone your pw... there is literally a pw, a code AND the option for 2step authentification. and for ingame stuff protection? The only thing where you can get scammed is gold vs ncoin tra
  2. a) alrdy done in maintenance b) learn to play pvp tbh^^ its no way impossible to kill stage10 in trial arena, learn the starting atk pattern, counter it, cc lock, repeat, done. The stage 10 can be easily killed with idk 1,7k AP or so c) i returned when last arena was resetted (archer patch), got to 1,9k ap till now, so it is nowhere to impossible to clear trial arena till it resets next AND in addition to that... it is meant to be a challenge, not to be cleared by a 1,4k newbie on the first day... €: just cleared first five stage 10 with 2 stars each (not rly tryharded) b
  3. €: i opened a few more and got some bonus mats, it wont show in inventory, but in chat
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