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  1. October KR skill updates

    What's the status of these changes getting to NA/EU. The stream spent an hour going over costumes but couldn't answer a question that was asked by many people watching the stream of whether or not we're getting any skill changes with this patch?
  2. I don't know much about those future changes, but those will change 100 times before we ever get them and I highly doubt they were made with any thought of 6v6 balance.
  3. Skill Update on December 7th

    Why are we waiting for content patches to introduce skill balance updates? One does not need the other... I think ncsoft likes to see us suffer. :(
  4. You're not going to get many changes to skills because of 6v6. It's not meant to be taken seriously. All you can hope for is better matchmaking that will add gear into the equation and maybe class limits?? Balancing skills for 6v6 will require an entire rework of the system and the removal of rng and that is not going to happen.
  5. 64bit B&S in KR

    We can't even get skill patches in 2 months time and you think we'll get a client in that time frame?
  6. FIX ToI and the combat bug!

    A concede button wouldn't be a bad a idea. When I can't beat my record a lot of times I would just rather quit than have to try and kill an fm or bd for my last floor which can take a long time.
  7. Also for BD, how many times we're supposed to get maximum boost sunder but don't...sad life.
  8. Randomly Drop DRAW STANCE

    Has anyone ever gotten anything back from a GM about this glitch? Also, does this still happen in other regions?
  9. The only thing I want them to fix on blade dancers is how we lose our draw stance ALL THE TIME. Are you kidding me??????? This is game breaking to our class. At least BMs get to do pretty good dmg out of draw stance. If we spec for lightning and lose our draw stances...awesome. Is this bug still in korea and other regions?? If it is...I do not know what to say. Oh, and that the party buff z was useful for that event with the mushroom we had to get to fast to get better loot lol.
  10. Beginner: KFM, LBD or Destro? (Melee)

    LBD will probably be the most fun to play out of all the melee classes when it comes to pvp and pve(if executed correctly best melee dps and it's not even close). But the most useful in both areas will probably be BM with KFM being second. If you want just pvp I would go with the assassin. Sins are great in arena but in pve they struggle to find groups as their dps is inferior and they don't offer much utility besides blue buff. I don't know how the new skill patch in kr will effect this.
  11. KR's 10th June update, Classes Overhaul

    They updated the page in the first post but it only has changes for like 3 classes listed. Is that the only changes they actually kept? Edit: Nvm he's slowly adding more changes
  12. Randomly Drop DRAW STANCE

    This has been happening since the beginning of time. This happens consistently in pretty much any dungeon. In Yeti, Mushin's Tower, and Sogun's they happen all the time. If Yeti's boss fight was longer the times I would drop draw stance would probably be in the double digits which I sometimes manage to reach in Sogun. Once in Sogun's second boss I dropped draw stance 3 times out of the 4 I used it...
  13. Why is there no love towards Blade Dancers?

    According to korean dps meter blade dancers #3 dps.
  14. Sunder After Multislash

    Since the last patch I've been having a lot trouble with my multislash skill. For some reason it's a 50/50 chance if I will get boosted sunder after rolling typhoon after using multislash. In any other occasion boosted sunder will always work after rolling typhoon, but for some reason it seems to be a coin flip after using multislash. So multislash>rolling typhoon given from multislash>50/50 max sunder. I thought maybe they changed the skill, but since it works about half the time I don't think this can be the case??? Anyone else been noticing this issue?