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  1. Siren / Pirate Upgrade Path being removed

    sorry but to me it looks like another tactic to push players to spend cash to upgrade fast, thats the only reason I see, there is no need at all to rush upgrading and no need to remove these paths, the game should be left for players to progress naturally and not push them. OK yes the paths were removed in other Asian versions with 50 patch, but they did not get 50 patch 3 months after game launch !!, they had months and months to farm Moonwater zones before 50 patch came, we dont need this rush, we have 50 patch now, game needs to 'settle' and let it progress naturally as it was designed to do. everything which is happening to 'our' version is way too fast and nothing is being fixed its just more stuff pushed out, this is not good for the game and is making players leave.
  2. New weapon transformation path

    Bassically if you can get to True Pirate before 1st May, that is the best and cheapest route. If you can not get to True Pirate stage before 1st May that path Siren > Pirate will be removed and you will only have the Oathbreaker path available. They have not given much time with this news and all I see is yet another 'subtle' push by them to force players to upgrade fast if they wish to go the cheapest route, in other words they want players to spend money and buy ncoins to get the required mats fast, that is the only reason I see in making yet another change to the weapon paths which are not really needed. They should let players progress and upgrade naturally, but they keep pushing and pushing for no real reason concerning the game. yes they say it is due to a upcoming event but that does not make any difference, thats just an excuse. I understood the push from launch to get to the level 50 patch fairly fast and to 'catch' up with other regions, but we have that now, there is no reason except obvious business reasons to keep pushing and pushing, they game now should be left to settle and players advance naturally and not be pushed and pushed every few weeks to spend and spend for no real reason, this attitude is actually making players give up and leave or other new players to fall behind further compared to players who played form launch, this contant pushing is just bad for the game on a whole.
  3. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    To be eligible for the 4 x Gem Hammers refund you have to have purchased Gem hammers and used them on a weapon and then either upgraded to Oathbreaker from Profane OR to True Breeze from True Pirate BEFORE 27th April patch.
  4. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    Finally some thing been done or at least has been said will be done in the future, only took over a month, although many players still lost real money over this issue and it still does not resolve the real cause of the issue in the first place, the lack of available Gem Hammers within the game,, just from playing, like there are in other versions. There was no need to change our game with altering the amount of Gem Hammers required if the availability issue had be corrected to how it was designed to work and does work in other versions, but I guess they still want to keep the Hammers primarily in the cash shop. Anyways 8 hour maintenance to look forward to now, I hope there are some noticeable changes on the positive side this time
  5. Your maintenance time sux

    8 hours !!! WTF we just had 5 hours so called 'routine maintenance' How the hell does 13 hours downtime within 24 hours get called "routine"
  6. Silver Deva Weapon

    I'v had Deva box drop on floors 5,6 and 7 and same with Warrior weapon box
  7. This Game's Ruined

    This is the problem NC have caused with releasing new content every few weeks, players who started the game from launch are advancing way too fast and those that did not are literally being left behind, this is really bad for the game, in any game new players are the next generation of end game players but this game does not think like that or at least our version does not. Originally these content patches we are getting were meant to have like 6 months between them, NOT 2/3 weeks, which was fine in original version as players had time to catch up and there was a far far better balance between high geared players and low. I expect NC are already thinking about this so I expect to see more items in the cash shop, this seems to be their answer to everything instead of putting it in the game were it was meant to be.
  8. Freezing on world boss fights

    well, your not the only one who is having issues, and more issues after every patch, but yet it is apparently not their fault and they usually blame your ISP, funny how everybody who has issues are on 100's and 100's of different ISP's and located in completely different places and countries around the world. I actually contacted my ISP a while ago and was lucky to get forwarded to there tech dept who checked my service, the tech guy I got was also a gamer which helped alot, anyway he checked my service and my connection to multiple servers they use, everything perfect, He then asked me to log the game, after about an hour of chatting to the nicest most helpful tech guy you could ever meet the end result was it was not them and was not me. Since last weeks new patch for me now the game is completely unplayable apart from the server going down the other night (I am on EU) I can login, never had any issues with that, but the game randomly stutters, lags like crazy and has insane skill delay and thats anywhere and everywhere. except not tried Arena, I darn't ! And I'v not tried current end game epic dungeons, I'v heard they are bad for lag as it is so I dont want to join a group and end up letting them down...............so I find I am not playing now, In fact I have been playing BnS but on CN servers were I have no issues at all, and I live in the UK, so yeah, this version has issues :P
  9. same here since last patch, game unplayable, stutter, lag, freeze, insane skill delay, it was never good before but you could play, not its not worth trying it is so bad, and I know for a fact it is NOT my ISP, I have been in contact with their teck weeks ago and had a full report while I was logged in the game, and the issues were due to delays in return data transfer from NC servers NOT my end, Also I am in the UK and I can log BnS CN (China) servers and game plays fine, no issues and their servers are 5000 miles further away ! and also many other games I play on their Asian servers, While here with NC EU servers 600 miles away its unplayable !
  10. How in the world do you beat Junghado?

    you need to change your build specifically for this fight, dont use a build you use in other 'normal' content, use all your stuns, knockdowns and dazes, and Watch your CD's always keep something available same goes for your i-frames, that is how you beat Hado on every class, bassically keep him 'tied up'
  11. Worst daily dash luck ever?

    Every roll for me as been 2, every time and it stops at the same place , it seems rigged, the wheel does not slow down, it just stops dead on 2 even though it is still spinning fast, there is something not right, it was never like this before.
  12. Brilliant moonwater key

    Sad to hear it is that bad at the lower levels, it was only a couple of months ago EVERY server had login queue because they were all full at all levels of the game. Sorry I cant help much more, except maybe try the forum Clan threads https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/448-iksanun/ and find a nice Clan to join with helpfull players, I'm sure there are many more players in your same situation and only a few levels away from cap but held back stuck with an 'old' content weapon. Good luck and Hope it works out for you.
  13. Brilliant moonwater key

    This is the problem NC have caused with releasing new content every few weeks, players who started the game from launch are advancing way to fast and those that did not are literally being left behind, this is really bad for the game, in any game new players are the next generation of end game players but this game does not think like that. so I sympathise with your situation very much and I am also in this situation with many of my alt characters, to the point I have give up on them. The Brilliant Moonwater key only works on any and every weapon box dropped in the Moonwater zone. As for Profane weapon, yes it is the last Moonwater weapon at True Profane stage before going to Oathbreaker (silverfrost) weapon path, unless you are going Siren > Pirate which are still moonwater My advise would be 'if' the Essences are fairly cheap in the market place (sorry not in game at moment so I dont know current price) I would buy 10, that should be plenty, the weapon box 'used' to have a fairly high drop rate, although it would not surprise me if they have nerfed that by now like everything else, 10 Essence should get you around 3 o4 or maybe more weapon box's, it used to months ago anyways. Now it is up to you how you open them, I think the chance of getting your class weapon was suposed to be around 8%, so yeah, its RNG. OR you could use a Brilliant Moonwater Key and get the weapon guaranteed. There was a 'myth' around ages ago that if you un-equiped your own weapon and put it in your inventory, then opening the weapon box with a 'normal' key it 'seemed' to give a higher chance, yes I know it sounds funny, but alot believed it worked and I must admit I have always done this on all my characters and with every weapon box and yes I have had RNG but never had the bad RNG of having to open any more than 10 box's to get my class weapon, so whether it works or not. I dont know, but there is not harm in trying. It is a shame this boss in not in a instance I would have been happy to x-server join you on my main to farm the boss for you. but if your on Ebon Hall EU give me a forum message and I will help. Here is a google doc sheet with all upgrade paths and costs. click the item tabs at the top of the page for the item you want. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U0cqRIxNefzkd30VmVI-zFhe3fpBHgq7aIy3vHO6ZTQ/htmlview#
  14. I agree here, having multiple alts myself, you can always use different keybinds with alts etc, but it does mess things up, an option to 'Drag and Drop' the skills on skill bars into other box's would be a huge improvement
  15. Hmmmm, BnS is suposed to be a SKILL based combat system and your wanting to automate it....................Duh...............think about it......... or do you need a macro for that too? Simple solution here is Learn to Play, learn your class, learn the game, THAT is what it is all about. If you can't learn to play without macros, who's problem is that ? Automating anything beyond how it was developed to work in the game makes the whole game pointless.