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  1. I just got in using google authenticator
  2. I had to have them reset my pin because my account was comprimised/hacked whatever you want to call it and my original pin no longer worked so I needed them to reset it. They reset it on the ncsoft site because I no longer have the option to change it but when I log in im not given the option to create a new one and it asks for a pin so im stuck.
  3. the support team reset my pin but for some reason when i get to the screen to enter pin when logging in its not asking me to make a new one its telling me to enter one which I dont have because its reset.
  4. Ncsoft reset my pin and on the website it shows me having no pin on my account page but when i log into game and get to the enter pin screen it says to enter the pin instead of create one, can anyone help or has had this problem also that can help me out?
  5. Has anyone had a issue when they reset there pin and went to enter it and it said it was wrong after they changed it?
  6. I reset my pin but when i enter it it says its wrong has anyone else had this problem or can a dev help me please?