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  1. Account hacked

    You have not been "hacked", you just willingly gave your login info to a 3rd party. Contact support asap, maybe its not too late and you still have your stuff. Next time, make sure there is a promotion on the website before randomly clicking promotion links on your mail. Also, the english in the mail is rather broken, that should be suspicious.
  2. Assuming 5-6 hours a day, about a week for 1-50 and basic equipment. About another week to get 500 AP and some decent soul shield, which is enough for most content (you can do content with lower AP, although pugs wont accept you easily).
  3. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Will the DPS meter get introduced eventually? If so, any ETA?
  4. No, there is not gonna be "targeting" because of this webpage. The accounts that are hacked are hacked because they are the same user/password as accounts from leaked databases from other games. Unless NCSoft is getting hacked itself and there is a security breach, there is no way for someone to obtain your email/password combination, as long as you have a brain and your pw isnt "hello1234". And in the case NCSoft was breached, there would be no targeting, all accounts would be compromised equally. I myself am glad there is an unofficial "leaderboard", as it gives an extra bit of motivation to upgrade your gear and see yourself rank up, rather than just increasing your dps by 1% (which is barely noticeable). While I agree that gear score is subjective, dmg score is not, it is your mathematically mean dps. This means you can optimize gear setups if you doubt between two different accesories, for example, instead of guessing. I think it is a nice tool to have. If you dont like it, it's not like anyone forces you to use it, either.
  5. Does Summoner require ani-cancel?

    No, they don't. You can only cast 1 sunflower per second, no matter if you time it or you mash your mouse buttons. Animation is shorter than cooldown, therefore no animation cancelling occurs. That said, I feel it is slightly better to time the lmb/rmb presses (I do RMB->LMB->other skill / blank, ternary rhythm), since lmb goes off slightly faster than rmb, and combined with other skills it may lead to some rmb delays if you mash your mouse. Unless, of course, you have 5fps, then mash all the way.
  6. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    You are also making a false assumption, that people will choose a title of something, just to prove a point which is wrong. It should be well known that length > complexity when it comes to passwords. Even if you were right and people chose sentences with a meaning, "I love the lord of the rings" is harder to crack than any 10 ascii character password with completely random symbols.
  7. Bump, would like an official reply on this topic. Is there any way to get old forum name and account back?
  8. This suggestion is bullshit. I dont get why a 600 AP player and a 480 AP one should not get the same thing. They should get the same thing. Nothing. Boss reward should only be for the highest DMG dealer, 650 AP masterrace. Only FMs and SUMs too. Go back to your cave, lowly 600 AP peasant.
  9. Alley cat + 2 for poison + clawnado. Having good gear also helps. Always kill him before overflow ends.
  10. Considering I can kill that guy in 12 seconds with a sunflower build... Plus rumblebees is only good at cc'able targets, vs bosses is simply bad.
  11. "NCSoft, this player doesnt wanna pay 50g for a measly stone, please make him pay" Supply and demand. If something is not profitable for you, simply dont do it. Its like asking IRL, "government pls im a baker, pls make the price of bread 10€ a loaf"
  12. Even though terrors are a pain in the ass for melees, you dont HAVE to do them. You can do pigs / augerites for prestige, return meteorites/ injured soldiers, or use guns on defense to steal prestige from opposite faction players. It is true that melee dont have the same alternatives to farm ss plains as ranged characters do, but they HAVE alternatives. EDIT: that said, I completely agree with lowering the requirement to get chest / quest credit. 1% DPS is more logical than what we have now.
  13. Post your lucky moments

    I had never bad luck in this game. Got Infinite challenge on 3rd try, got 2 junghado hats before 20 kills, but recently luck stroke me as it had never done before. On both my third and fourth run on 4-man frozen fang we dropped a merry potter technique. I don't even want to know the odds of it happening. Being so happy about it, I decided to make a happy post for a change and encourage you to post your lucky RNG moments in this game :)
  14. I think you need two books, one from yeti and another from necropolis. Dont quote me on this, though.
  15. Not even. No overflow there. I assume the summoner got lucky with lmb (recovers 1 extra focus on crit). After patch hits, hm dandelion gives 3 sec overflow on counter, then you will feel pain :P