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  1. FM Grab nerf

    man i totally agreed, why buff gunner already op in pvp and nerf fm?
  2. lvl 55 patch how much PIERCING do we need?

    so ur saying 57% crit > 27% piercing for raid bosses lvl 58?
  3. i heard chinese website tested that u need 29% piercing for lvl 58 raid boss, im at 27% piercing 47.5% crit ratre 125% acc, or should i go 14% piercing 57% crit 125% acc? have any 1 tested if its worth it to give up 8~9% crit rate for 15% piercing?
  4. i tried to use geforce experience to load the game, but it wont start, geforce experience can find the game but when i hit"PLAY" it just wont load.. i tried the topic setting up nvdia inspector optimized for bns, but everytime when i tried to add new application to current profile, it gave me the error saying “this application is arealdy assigned to another profile” i deleted bsn china and korea profiles, still didnt work, now im just stuck there could some 1 help plz. thank you very much
  5. can every 1 log in?

    i keep getting error 300 and can not connect to game, everyone else ok?
  6. SSP Grindtooth chest got nerfed?

    6 bacon chests no key at all, RNG?

    ok i saw it now

    my game suddenly crushed and when i try to log back in, game launcher error 02009[update error] could not connect to the update server. tried to reinstall launcher, didnt work, fully uninstalled launcher and reinstall, still error e02009, if some 1 knows this error plz help me i dun wanna reinstall the whole game it will take forever thx

    i guess alot ppl dont give a fk on hacks and bots thats the most weird thing. if they receive MAJOR complains i dun think ncsoft will pretend that theres no hacks like now

    agreed, what really ruining the game are the HACKS, i played more than 10 mmo games for the pass years, NEVER seen a game that hacks, bots running around and every 1 KNOWS about it, i reported every bot i saw and THAT DIDNT DO SHIT, THE GAME GUARD DIDNT DO SHIT, when i was playing wow, they even banning those REAL player gold farmers. i dont know how hard is it to detect hacks, but if other mmorpg can do it, its possible
  11. NEED HELP ;(

    you can just get the same ring easily if your low lvl, on the detail it will tell you where to get it or google it.

    JUST 1 "VOTE TO KICK" bottom for ONLINE players will STOP BOT from entering dungeon, HOW HARD IS IT!! OMG

    hi guys, i have 50M fabric optical adsl my ping in open world is 60~70ms, once i go to F8 dungeon it lag as hell over 3xx ping, samething happens in soulstone field, 0.5~1sec lag on skill with large numbers of ppl. i've been suffering this for quit awhile and my fps stays at 60 most of the time, could some 1 tell me if theres a way to fix this? maybe a booster or lag reduce tool?