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  1. Do lvl 45 purple dungeons (u dont need to do Naryu lab since the difficulty is high and rewards are low) your stats are not enough for lvl 50 get the full set of Bloodshade SS or a combination between Bloodshade SS and Poharan SS for now get your weapon up to true profane and overall attack power around 380 the continue to lvl 50 content in silverfrost you can lvl up by just doing main story quests
  2. Naryu coins:- Use to get dragonblood in dungeons at moonwater plains and above (1dragonblood=1 coin in moonwater and 1 dragonblood=2 coins in silverfrost) Naryu silver:-Use as a weapon upgrading material in upper level (really important so keep them) Naryu gold:- no idea
  3. Actually you cant you need a separate VGA to run BnS (you have not listed a VGA) and that's not a gaming computer these are the minimum requirements for BnS http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=1680&game=Blade and Soul Even though the requirements are listed as such you need to get one with little bit higher specs should go with processor:- core i5 4th generation VGA:-Nvidia 460 GTX other things are ok i guess Don't need to get a custom one , search for "gaming computers for a budget" go for brands like ASUS , DEL
  4. those are 24 man dungeon quests. they difficult and should do after you hit level 50 HM 1. these are the 24 man dungeons and their locations are little bit messy plog sanctum zaiwei ruins beastbog frostscale basin
  5. only one path is available, that is the oathbreaker path which you will evolve after true profane stage 10. chromatic, tormented and accursed weapons were introduced as alternative offering weapons to evolve after you go to oathbreaker which will reduce the cost ,moonwater stones and soulstones you need for evolving but you will need faction insignias and silverfrost refining stones. go to the link below for more info http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/silverfrost-weapon-cost-changes/
  6. contact support. Probably ur account is hacked by those guys
  7. pirate and siren paths were removed few months ago ,so only the oathbreaker path is available now. You can get the skypetal weapon from valor stone trader Chayong (Grand harvest square) and Sun Giwon (Northreach silverfrost)
  8. "baleful axe" its a legendary weapon costume is demon maw you can buy it from the hongmoon store
  9. something about making leveling up difficult from the begining
  10. all the "green" dungeons were removed from the cross server a month ago so from a patch.only access way is from the dungeon entrance
  11. i hv 1,3,5,6,8 naryu ss , 2,4 scorpio ss and 7 bsh ss
  12. Can anyone recommend a minimum AP for this dungeon ? i'm a BM with 412 AP
  13. Hi guys my BM has 395 AP and the BSH SS, so should i wait till i have 400+ AP to do Naryu Lab 6 man or can i do it with what i have now ?
  14. Your AP is enough to do bloodshade. Do the faction dailies in mistywood ( If u dnt hv faction dailies in mistywood go to cinderlands Scorching sands to do faction dailies to rise ur rank. ) crit , hp and ap are the things that matters in stats
  15. Do bloodshade harbor and get the complete soul shield, it will give u nice amount of crit. get some gems via transmutation or marketplace(if u hv gold), (get pentagonal ones at least) Amethyst = +X Life Drain on crit Diamond = +X Attack Power (need gold) Ruby = +X Additional Damage on attack do mushin tower up to 7th floor (after u get BSH SS) do 4 blue moonwater dungeons and 4 blue silve
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