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  1. [new player] Moonstones?

    I have to agree that as awesome it is to see someone beating Naksun with so low AP, it kinda defeats its purpose when the player has a crit chance so high regular 400-450AP players has barely half of the stat and makes the video nothing more than a bragfest of someone with good clan connections to get through Yeti/Sura while giving nothing to the actual issue of moonstones being too damn scarce to receive outside SSP/WWV. And everyone else has already stated that some players simply do not have a good connection to begin with nor initially enough skill to pull through something like kicking Naksun's butt until they've gotten themselves to 500AP+ or enough crit chance/dmg. And seeing that they've added moonstones to be dropped in the future from F14-15, it's still not a superduperawesome change since even those floors are not that easily accessable, but oh well guess it's still at least one more place added.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Haha, I'll take that as a compliment since I admit his very purpose was to bring humor and disturbance into the game for my friends. xD And aww yis, Finland ftw or something like that 8) Yeah I wanted to make him look old but not like a walking sack of wrinkles, as funny as that would've been!
  3. Show off your characters!!

    My main FM alt BM for eye candy to us who wants to see more handsome men ;) alt Sum for.. different kind of eye candy xD Sum being a happy troll <3
  4. Midnight Detective *-*

    It was at the store a month ago or so, so chances are that it'll come back later on this year near winter.
  5. Outfit Pouch Crafting

    Sucks like hell, but just gotta swallow down the *cricket* and admit to yourself NCSoft is not gonna start refunding back all those fabrics lost before the change since it'd take ages to check through every complaint if they're authentic or if people are just pulling numbers out of their hats to scam up some free fabric.
  6. hatred toward rich/paying players Need stop.

    So you're pretty much going to keep the circle of hatred going on really, making your whole OP post nothing but hypocrite talk to just waa waa about paying players being discriminated. Though I do not understand the hostile behaviour towards "P2W" or "whales" or what the heck ever people with no money call them, don't get me wrong on that since even after spending 90 euros or so into this game myself know it still needs a whole lot more cash than the few random purchases from us "F2P plebs" (As I imagine your train of thoughts is like that since I also saw your post in the other thread and taken out of context or not, it's still very much clearly showing what your idea about F2P people are) to keep the servers running and so on.
  7. Server "Links" incoming

    Share channels and farm in peace? HAH! Some of NA/EU people are too damn bloodthirsty (probably IRL wise too which scares the crap out of me if I think too much of it) to even think that there's an option for mutual peace and sharing of the channels between factions, not to mention the amount of trolls and grievers seem to be far higher in western countries than in the eastern ones which further makes it impossible to have any degree of farming in peace.
  8. Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket Account Bound

    Well as much as I'd love to get excited of this (checked twitter after reading your comment), I still can see it being inside a RNG box inside some RNG event inside even more RNG. But you're right, let the whales keep spending so the game will keep running and the rest of us can play and spend money on what we actually find worthy. xD
  9. Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket Account Bound

    Not devils maybe, but unbelieavably thickheaded or just stubborn/stupid, I don't know and tbh I don't care anymore since with the newest "P2W box/gem event" I am 100% certain they do not give a shit about regular players and only care for the whales that spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars into the cash shop. And before you give me any crap about right above my comment of them attempting to help they only just twiddled and babbled about for nothing only to eventually just say "Nope, sorry can't do that, have a good day." so *cricket* off, there's just proof that they won't do anything to help with your issues if you *cricket* up stuff that's not money-related. :)
  10. In EU the ceru faction chat really goes down town on major racism between russian and turkish people and if they're not fighting, someone's just mocking the turkish clans in general so yeah, EU servers definitely have their own racism issues going on as well... not to mention the trash talking can sometimes blow over to NA quality, lol.
  11. SSP re-design

    Of course, just stating the fact since this game still runs by the NCEast's final word.
  12. SSP re-design

    Unfortunately they probably won't ever touch SSP unless something like that is done in the other version and well... as far as I know they haven't touched SSP in there anyway so you're just gonna have to accept SSP is what it is and either make a ranged SSP farmer character or do your best as a melee class like some people do just fine.
  13. Garbage RNG with event

    I've gotten the Sapphire Gem (and luckily on my alt to boot so my main FM can just purchase the same gem <3), 10 times the 100SS bundle, 3 times 10stinger, way too many times the 10SS bundles but I do agree on moonstones I've only gotten twice the 10 bundle so far, here's hoping the remaining pouches will be more generous with them but eh, at this point it's not even worth talking about the interesting RNG always going on when it comes to moonstones acquired either through these pouches or from the merchant since RNG is RNG, some people will hit the jackpot and others won't.
  14. Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket Account Bound

    Well you see, when I read that I kept thinking this is NCSoft so chances are those WON'T be tradeable even in my own account since it was the same with the mushrooms from the Vipercap Gauntlet, or the Heavenly Energy you get from daily challenge, OR just about any Hongmoon item like Hongmoon Key/Unsealing Charm/all the soups. Your mistake in comprehension and understanding how NCSoft works, your problem. You're the one who doesn't get it and I hope you learn your lesson from now on, OR next time an event like this comes up you immediately try and mail those charms or w/e to your alt and see if they go through. If they do then great, you can send them back and forth like no tomorrow and if they don't then think wisely of how you're going to spread them around. With love, Dyvor.
  15. Fair AP requirements for Dungeons

    Yeah, the numbers seemed somewhat alright until I saw BSH and Naryu and then I thought this OP was full of... schmit. Those two dungeons were doable before pre 50 patch and back then the maximum AP you could get was, what, 450, maybe more or less? Also these numbers really don't add up properly since as others have said the other stats also define your DPS (crit/critdmg/acc/pier) not to mention if people aren't doing the mechanics a 450-470AP group WILL wipe in CS from the constant blind stun from the detonating machines as an example. Even more so if they have lacking crit and crit damage.