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  1. True , but that's for 1v1 and 3v3 . In 6v6 and OW they are broken . I got 80k+ HP and 2k crit def and they burn that in just a few hits.
  2. Last patch 90% of EU/NA summoners thought that they got nered SO MUCH that it was practicly the end of the class. How's your population again ?
  3. The fact that most of the top tournament players respect themselves enough to not play with their summoners never crossed your mind , did it ?
  4. Even tho i left the game for pretty much the same reasons (daily daily daily ....fk off game). And i DO agree on some of his points on the class (we REALLY need more mobility and iframes). This guy is really bad at wl lol , met him a couple of times in 6v6 and he was trash tier lol . And for the "im pro and play with pro ppl" sorry dude , you are getting carried.
  5. So you worked your ass off to farm the legendary but you never bothered to learn your class. GG
  6. Lol you are lucky it's equalized , in 6v6 Fire BMs now 2shot everyone while been immune and under attack from 3-4 enemies. "so much skill involved"
  7. When they said that warlocks are a support class they forgot to mention that it's the warlocks that actually need support.
  8. And we are back in the circle. Devs create something -> most ppl play and enjoy it -> some stupid people find bugs/abuses on that thing and use them to get on top of the majority -> the majority goes really vocal on it -> devs do some changes to prevent the idiots from exploiting the system -> those changes also hurt the majority that are playing legit. Just make it so you lose the points if you leave or disconnect. It may be unfortunate for those that simply had a random dc during the match but , what can you do. Also it would be awsome if it could track those that f
  9. This is the only section of the forum where the playerbase complains after getting a buff. You guys are hilarious.
  10. Morgwais

    the new skill

    T5s2 was useless since the introduction of he class , it's not news. Btw best way to use soul dart is to know when the grab is coming. Cast wingstorm just before and ani-cansel dart with helix. Major DPS.
  11. lol Eu/NA scummoners complaining about DPS. 90% of you have no idea how to play your class + you never try to do some research. Since the start of the game i have met like , 5 ppl that know what they are doing , same with BDs. After all of changes i bet there are gona be a *cricket*ton of you still using sunflower , hilarious.
  12. Morgwais

    the new skill

    Do you only use your bombardment when someone is grabed ? wtf
  13. Blade and Soul is not the only game out there , p2w events hurt both the community (you) and the company. Oh look i have money and im gona spend it like an idiot instead of focring the company to make events that benefit both YOU AND THEM. Yes , you , the paying customer and the big whales have FULL control over this. Having money doesn't make you a good player and neither a smart customer. Is NC making money from trove and the like events ? Sure they do. What i really can't get in my head is why the hell don't they want to make more. But i guess they don't care , cause
  14. NC has already made enough money to keep the servers up for a long time , a really long time. You think that this level of servers needs like a mil per month or something ?
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