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  1. Hi everyone,

    Like the tittle suggests, i get and BSOD right after i click play and xgincode starts loading. Here is the pic:




    This started happening literally yesterday. Nothing has changed on my PC, i didn't update any drivers, no windows updates, nothing. Didn't install anything as well. 

    I searched the internet, only reliable solution is to reinstall OS, but i'm not gonna do that because of this... I tried deleting all xigncode keys in regedit and the .sys file, same as files in BNS folder, restart PC and repair files in launcher and it worked. Today, well this isn't working anymore. 


    Only thing i did the other day (and i don't know why would this cause the problem) is that i killed xingcode in task manager because it was running even after i closed the game (had the little "X" in taskbar). Never did that before so could it really be the cause?


    Running Win 7 64bit and 64bit client.


    Sorry for the long post, thanks!

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