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  1. for like the 5th time eu lost its clan bonus. Why does this keep happening to EU and not to NA. It is a joke that a feature that has been in the game for years keeps breaking all of sudden passed months and only for EU and not NA.
  2. well they lying and they believe their own lies , like they're the only one who play this game ....
  3. so stop bullshitting me the only difference maybe is that i have true cosmic soul which wont cost 500$ , and yeah i do play on 6 characters + 6-7 hours a day . f2p players are right about their complain and us veterans who support ncsoft needs to stop to lie to them and say the game is f2p and u can catch up , cause they can't simple as that ... by the way u triggered me when u lied about your friend , don't do that and say always the truth , no need to defend ncsoft at all
  4. for anyone who is defending ncsoft , start a new account as f2p and show us how far u would go , here i fixed for you guys no need to argue , if u dont wanna spend real money forget about playing the game , no way to catch even if u play 10 hours a day u wont catch up , one way to catch up which is >>> $$$$$$ . and please people stop lying to yourself this is everything but not f2p game .
  5. Ncsoft managment is pretty bad running this game for example there's few issues that are very easy to solve raven 1-6 should cost only transformation stones, 6-9 1 pts instead of 2 on each stage Aransu Neckless worthless crap dps upgrade yet costing 12 pts should be maximum 6 and here im being generous Aransu 1-6 Cut hearts requirement by half 1 Pts Each Stage 6-9 2 Pts Each Stage. This event was good (Ncsoft) i credit you for that , but still u chocking f2p players , there's no way people can manage to catch up you need to nerf t
  6. the game is fun and has high potential at hte core , but if u dont have a lot of gold or big wallet , your 1.1k wall is very huge , i'd say 200$ and u will unlock all content to you and it's a good start . i wish ncsoft didn't go with f2p way cause the game really isn't f2p at all , u wont progress without your wallet or if u're lucky someone will carry you through all the trouble
  7. i gambled as well for 150$ and got ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in return , trove is a scam not one single 3 star :) only 2 stars
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