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  1. Anything that increases the blamestorming that already goes on is a bad thing. Some bosses have different rotations, and one class rotation will mess up another one's. Or there are different approaches to the mechanics (like whether to get the mushrooms at Yeti), and people blame each other for following different plans even if it was never discussed before-hand. Yesterday in Gloom someone (who was curiously the lowest level of the party) started name-calling out people for not CCing the final boss. I focus on DPS and being in the right spot there, because I don't want
  2. Down side: DPS meter might make people with cheap ISP plans or lower ping rate for other reasons look like they aren't working as hard as they are. Also, if the DPS meter does show someone just standing around and leeching, there is zero anyone can do about it. I'd rather have a fire wall near the start of the dungeon that prevents bots from getting the quests and a time-out to join. Up side: There are some really annoying trolls in game who will claim other players are doing nothing, and there is no way to prove you've been working hard as long as you don't have the top damage. I'
  3. At the minute I'm logging in to pick up lowbie achievements. This doesn't help me gain xp, doesn't help me earn gold for upgrades, and it doesn't help me earn more coralite so I can get the current event costume. Usually costumes - especially ones I can get on my own - are the main reason I log in. However, the situation the Daily Challenge created really makes the game miserable for everyone: players who are too low level are forced to try to get into dungeons they can't handle, while higher level players have to put up with a higher risk of failure by too many low levels jumping the party (o
  4. When somebody says they are soloing while I'm doing nothing, when I'm the one soloing and he's doing nothing - that is lying. When a bunch of HM1 and HM2 expect the one high level player to save them, then that failure is not only due to the high level player's failure to "save" them: the failure is also due to a bunch of players trying to do a dungeon above their level and hoping someone will carry them. Insulting people is unnecessary whether it's a form of "clarification" or not: only a kid would regard this as "truth telling". However, you continue to miss the point
  5. I'm not sure what you mean about bragging - I've mentioned a lot that I'm not very skilled. All I can do about that is practice, which depends on the generosity and patience of the party I've joined. I don't join parties that are selecting players or mislead people about my abilities. I'm terrified of 4-man parties just for that reason, and I'm missing out on costumes because of it. T_T I just started Frozen Fang at HM9 because I accidently got sucked into one with the leader of a normal cross-server daily. I've started to do that one because it's not very complicated. I think
  6. I have to disagree with this. I have 527 ap, and I get my build from places like bnstree.com and other recommendation web sites. I also modify my build for particular dungeons. For instance, I watched a video for Nexus done by an FM, and I modified my build based on the recommendations in that video before I tried the dungeon. I haven't been in a party in that succeeded in that dungeon yet. I may have contributed to those failures by not understanding some things from the video, but I listen to advice when players are kind enough to give it. There are all sorts of other issues that
  7. I'm not talking about trash talk: I'm not a highly skilled player, so I have to deal with a lot of it. I freely admit I suck at Yeti. What's new to me are players trying to create a false impression of what's happening to try to turn the party against a particular person: that's what I mean by trolling.
  8. Yep. There are other modifications that could be made. People might have to pass certain points in order to get credit for the quest. Also, dungeons could have a minimum level to prevent people who aren't ready yet from taking up people's time in the lobby. Events could have level sets so people who are too low level wouldn't feel pressured while people who are the right level would have a better chance of learning with more experienced players.
  9. Has anyone experienced trolling in the cross-server dungeons? Today I was doing Necropolis, and I was doing all the work fending off the mobs since the person with me was only HM2. Suddenly he said: "I thought this was Soul Ward, not Solo Ward" - implying that he was doing all the work while I was standing around. Something similar happened to me yesterday. I went into Yeti, against my better judgment, with a bunch of HM2s - the highest other than me being HM4. We failed it because of poor dps and because I kept getting the aggro and burned my dragonsblood early. I then
  10. I was playing for the costumes, but I've been stuck for a couple of months now because the rest of them are in 4-man dungeons that are above my skill level. I wish there were other routes to those costumes: not easier or faster - just different in case you don't want to do 4-pary dungeons for whatever reason. I'm really bummed that the Merchant of Wonders is only in very high level heroic dungeons. There seems to be a desert between HM1-5 (mid-400s ap) where people probably have most of the costumes from lower level dungeon, but would only face a lot of crap if they tried to join h
  11. You're a braver soul than me to try it. :D Freezing Yeti isn't just a matter of knowing what to do, though. It's hard to follow the Yeti's jump on my laptop - if I manage to hit him before he lands, it's sheer luck. It might be because my computer is too slow: I've never been able to do high jumps, either, and a GM who watched me thought it might be either my keyboard or my ping rate. I get better with practice, but I just accept I'll never be a pro -- even if I had 600 ap. T_T On the bright side, I'm very happy about the alternative party strategies in this thread! :D
  12. 491 or 2. I'm waiting for mats to drop in price a bit before my next upgrade, so my AP is probably below what's expected for my level. I wish I had more time to grind so I could just keep pushing HM levels. It looks like I'll only be able to get HM9 out of the hp event.
  13. That's why I haven't tried any dungeon above Yeti, and I don't do 4-mans at all, though I'm playing for the costumes. I'll just wait for them to trickle down somehow. :( Skill is also a matter of practice as well as knowing what to do. Technically I know what to do for Necropolis, but I avoid it because I still have trouble with the flight part, and I'm likely to be killed by the first post demons if defense is all on me. Dungeons work best when everyone is around the same level and helping each other along. IMHO, it's the Daily Challenge that created the pressures that molded the
  14. As an FM, I thank you a billion times over for for this. For me at least, it's really hard to hit the Yeti on the second jump - especially if I've been KB or forced to dodge first. Yet there is a heavy expectation that I will save the party, and if I don't I must be a "noob". If I were that great at it, I'd be applying to the private party or doing 4-man. I choose to do the cross-server because I need a party where we share responsibility, and there's plenty of safety net. Ironically, the lower the level, the bigger the assertion I must be a noob if I don't save them. Tonight was
  15. Some players try to make other players pay an "expected" price (especially for costumes). Others are just trying to bid you up so they can get more money out of the auction. I was at BSH yesterday and there seemed to be a bidding war over a Widow's Mask. One finally asked what the "price" was: they were just trying to bid it up to the price they thought others should pay. This depressed me because I got caught in a similar bidding war for a Cobalt Widow's Wig with a guy who didn't even have a female character. I had to stop bidding because I ran out of gold, and the guy won it even
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