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  1. I was only putting it forth as a possible reason, not quoting it as gospel. Also, just because an engine is old doesn't mean it can't be modified. However unlikely you think it is it is still possible (however remotely).
  2. It is as I said. Dx9 utilizes one main core with up to two other cores as "helpers". It isn't so much how NCSoft programmed BnS to "distribute the workload", but rather that their software must work within the limitations of dx9. However, to utilize a game engine using dx10 or dx11 would disallow folks using older (i.e. not as powerful) hardware from getting even relatively playable fps. Newer versions of direct x require much larger amounts of cpu overhead. As far as the Nvidia vs. AMD gpu question (assuming BnS can utilize it): http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/sof
  3. This game is very heavily CPU reliant. It's game engine utilizes dx9, which (generally speaking) uses 1 "main" core and up to 2 "helper" cores (if available). Even folks with monstrous CPUs get poor performance because of this fact. Unless your CPU has a very strong single thread benchmark then your are likely to experience severe CPU bottle-necking. Face it - for a dx9 game BnS is pretty good-looking. Those good looks take resources. The reason your GPU is only running at 50% (or whatever it may be at) is because it's sitting idle for half it's clock cycles waiting for your CPU to
  4. I like the ones that ask "500+ AP for such-and-such", and when I check their stats they've got like 480 or something. Lolz...srsly? O.o LMAO
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