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  1. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    It is the fault of the producer but also of the community that allows the production team to laugh at the people who keep their products alive. No honor No shame. That today is the same page as yesterday in the store, is nothing more than the last statement of the producer, to this type of comments. I AM IMPORTED A ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ WHAT THE COMMUNITY SAYS: We are going towards a p2w salvage and a total abandonment of the game. It was already abandoned, there are no real maintenance, it is an absolute nonsense the bad optimization they show. The community is looking for other horizons, other games for a long time. It is the nshoft cross, they never learned from their mistakes.
  2. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    P2W IN HARD MODE But they don't care. Blade and soul are being loaded the same way they were loaded aion Shame!!!
  3. Den of the Ancients farm alpha emblem fragment

    This production team, Aion style, wants to cover so much that it's ridiculous. They play to bore the community and in the end they have, exactly what they had in Aion, putri hundred thousand chetos who believe they have the right to laugh at them and, for, because sometimes, I think, they may have reason to skip the rules. They're laughing at you. They're laughing at everybody. Or maybe it's just that the Asian community loves farming and the Western community is more politically incorrect and likes to have equitable retribution for their effort. Come on, you luck, you can eat it with potatoes, when you talk to a Westerner. I think if I go back to M'ao, drop or the glove doesn't fall, I'll go from Blade and Soul hahahahahahahaa I'm not coming back, I've had enough of my real-life job.
  4. Den of the Ancients farm alpha emblem fragment

    I don't know what to tell you. It's these silly details that identify the brand, it seems. We already lived it in Aion with the almost non-existent drop of Cantalonice, until the risits of his producers with this kind of evil, tired most of them. They got there to a point where the producer disguised himself and laughed, blamingly at the players. Not all players are the same and not all of us have the time, nor the desire to jump the hoop of the "things" that come up with them and that make them so funny in their streaming From my point of view, it's terrible, because if I go, I go in with a bad win and an immense and that has an impact on the time I spend. I decided to come in 3 times a day, then two, one, half and I leave but the worst thing is that I leave the game of anger I get. On top of that, I think, I eat an incredibly poorly optimized game with giant problems, put up with this feather. I can't help but be there and immediately remember the rants of the new production signings. I also can't help but count how many times my teammates fall gloves and feel like they're teasing me. Make it difficult, yes, why not, but this tease why? 300 in a day? it's a tease Maybe it's time to give up the game for a while, there's so much supply on the market that you think about it seriously. Thank you for telling your experience and giving that advice.
  5. Den of the Ancients

    Anyway, leave them with their laughs. Soon they will pass it to the merchant or, look, it happens of his rare "things" and we go to the hangar0 that there is another glove. When the foolishness is so great, better, prove it right ... foolishly
  6. Den of the Ancients

    It seems that you should not worry or deal with this problem. They tell me that I may have a lower fall than the rest. Basically it seems to be one of those "evils" that make new producers laugh and with those who mistreat the community, foolishly. They must handle some "strange" data on the profile of the players that makes them compose "strategies" of evil free. Those kinds of strategies that made the aion community die of boredom at that time. hahahahaha super fun hahahaha for them of course The most fun, for us, is that we play in groups and that in the groups we end up counting, what falls on one and what falls on the others. Something that is not fun, if it can be demonstrated. What fun!!!!