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  1. Yep, i'am afraid imposible grind too. For now RO offer far more content to enjoy (lets fly across world without loading), so i hope i can survive grind if they give me more fun on side. Will see. BNS unfortunately failed for me. Very grindy with tiny percent of fun (arena). Unfortunately i must admit again. WTF is this: New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait -31 seconds before submitting.? 7 years ago when i was stupid little kid i wrote better antispam system then this broken crap. Agree, RO have tons of outfits, but maybe 30% suits to me. But as i k
  2. And you already know this. How? But if they turn good trend with no P2W FP into P2W crap... *cricket* that. NCSOFT already shows their greed too. I hate this new trend milk players by this shit. I will try RO, but if they turn into crap like BNS i will quit too. Simple. Come on, we don't need fanboy wars like that. It's just a gaming.
  3. RU version will be P2W. NA, EU version duno. But founders packs are good, no P2W elements at all. This is all we know now. Problem is, BNS can be great fighting game, but they dressed game into *cricket*ing bad MMORPG. Fun combat with liters of boring sauce.
  4. NCSOFT is smart. They know much better MMOs comming. They trying milk you as possible before it happen.
  5. And you still playing it :D. Complain more and play more hypocrites. Stop playing could be the only reason companies like ncsoft change their politics. So, quit or shut up and play. Haha
  6. OK, problem solved, there is no bots.
  7. I quited game few weeks ago and returned today, but what i expected? In duel: 2 sums bots, 3 afk, 2 real, 3 bots. In tag match: 5 AFK in row, 5 bots, 3 real players, 5 bots, 4 afk. I mean, What the *cricket*? Is here somebody who cares?
  8. If you guys cant give us players low and stable ping, disable jumping in arena. It is very anoying how oponent jumping around like a bunny and expoliting desync. From what i hear you fix some exploit in dungeon pretty fast, so why not this too? I starting to be angry how me skill button comes light up, i press button, lose skill and shit happen. Happens almost in all fights with jumper players. SUMs, FMs, SINs. Targeting is also very hard. They just jumping around you and throwing staff. I can deal with bad ping. Sure, it's your fault. But this exploiting ev
  9. This is reason why i can't create ALT. I play BD and i realy like it, but BM is little bit better for me. Meh i cant create one, cuz progressing char is insane and no fun at all.
  10. Kick system is part of all MMOs i played. Rarely i saw some abusing cuz players cannot do that. Just here, in very toxic comunity everybody blaiming everybody, everybody want change, everybody dont want change and being rude to others, players insult others in such a huge scale. I rarely said this words, but realy: Are you *cricket*ing normal? I can just imagine what kind of person you are in real life. Kicking system with some restrictions is need. Cuz i dont wan't rude people in me run, dont want afkrs in me run. I want have nice and decent run with everybody who want
  11. Sad true. Most of them go to insults. It is not game anymore. It is not fun.
  12. Leader start voting, two players must agree and fourth is kicked. Simple + if you wish disable kicking feature after kill last boss and no kicking in combat stance. Sure, every system can be abused. But it is no reason to tolerate toxic players in party.
  13. You looking for problem where is no problem. Kick muset be voted by all other players like usual.
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