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  1. PVP wise... what? arent sins p much dominant on the battlegrounds? LBM are also *cricket*ing hard to beat. PVE wise... well,.... git gud. I'm a sin and do more damage than my warlock friend with more AP than me (my crit is a bit higher but not by much).
  2. *cricket* playing my jin assassin! I wanna be a lyn! And I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people who want to play summoner but you have to play a chipmunk Why do MMO's even do this? Is it really that hard to do the same animations but with a different model?
  3. Cutie FM got a new hairstyle :) My sin (main) got her appearance adjusted, but somewhere along the way i said "*cricket* it" and changed her hair from short and brown to long and blonde.
  4. My little lyn force master! She's my favorite character and I spent a lot of time on her. VEEERY old picture (as you can see by my weapon), but still a pretty one. Sitting at 420 AP right now lol My warlock. She's level 30 now but I love this picture <3 My friend made this summoner because she planned on playing on my account while her game was downloading, but she had to leave before she even started playing. I found myself actually enjoying summoner even though I never play her anymore. I'm soon m
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