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  1. I did the same. I left 8 months ago and came back with no clue what to do. So I transferred everyone to a level 1 and deleted all the other characters I had. Feels like a new game so I might as well start fresh. Plus the bonus exp event helps with the leveling.
  2. Difference between what I said and a Soul Fighter which has access to, wait for it. Freeze Blocks Tons of Iframes Oh more blocks Can resurrect people at 100% or give them 20-30% max HP Basically both annoying aspects of the KFM/FM and put into one class.
  3. Class I want is a KFM mixed with either BM or BD. Have a gauntlet on the left hand with grabs and blocks while with the sword you have the speed and dodges. Ultimate tank
  4. You picked the best class. My main is a Blade Master and if you need any help, then gimme a shout.
  5. Of course it will be a spear user. A lot of NPC's and main characters use it in game and the same goes with Rangers. If it's a Spear user then I will literally shit my pants because I have yet to see a game (Other then Dynasty Warriors) make a decent Polearm class plus with the martial arts this game offers. I am very moist Also after some digging around. When they show cased the game before release in Korea, it had a Gun user class which explains the outfit you can get.
  6. When your character wants to be into the latest trends.
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