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  1. I did the same. I left 8 months ago and came back with no clue what to do. So I transferred everyone to a level 1 and deleted all the other characters I had. Feels like a new game so I might as well start fresh. Plus the bonus exp event helps with the leveling.
  2. Wow they removed Runescape and EvE. Archeage/Black Desert - Not played Asta - Gonna check it out DC/Marvel - Meh Elder Scrolls - Double meh Star Trek - Nice space battles but got boring too quickly. Guild Wars 2 - Can kiss my ass. No new content for almost 3 years = a no from me. Blade and Soul - Maybe.. Just maybe
  3. Found it boring and the fact it resets to the KFM skill set when you are out of combat. The mass amount of Iframes, Resist skills and AoE at a low level pretty much balances it out.
  4. If I am on later, I can run people through on the Cross Server. Look our for a Summoner called Red on the EU server.
  5. I run two accounts on Laptop and PC to transfer. Prevents hackers from taking all your shit and then moving it to another server.
  6. I must see this new game for reasons.. Are there any videos or screenshots yet?
  7. Basically to sum it all up. If you sign up before the Soul Fighter Patch, then you will get emails after it. I misread your comment, I am the dumbass now :/
  8. What is Summer? (From someone in England.... We have flooding)
  9. "we’ll be sending a thank you package to anyone who has signed up for the Blade & Soul newsletter before the 2.3 Soul Fighter maintenance begins on 6/22. We'll be contacting everyone individually via email to let them know when their thank you package is available to redeem on the account management page. " In term, As soon as the patch hit. They will contact people with the emails. Want me to draw a picture for your rude ass or do you want a website for a free reading course?
  10. It says before the Soul Fighter Patch
  11. Well if I pay per month then I expect some benefits for it.
  12. Your soul belongs to NCsoft now.
  13. I used to get 5-6 per hour for a week straight. It was because I kept killing the bots that hung outside Ogong's.
  14. Well you know NCsoft. They will go "Ah shit, we forgot some stuff" and then we will get a patch for 5 hours.
  15. Erm. As a Spoiler Alert, Guild Wars 2 does a Living Story as well But it's forgiven since they are technically the same company.
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