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  1. Solch ein Item gibt es nicht, sonst wären die Steine ja auch nicht so teuer. Pures rng.
  2. moonstones farm

    Soulstone Plains,Mushins Tower 14-15, just sell stuff and buy from F5 Moonstones. Or earn Silverfrost 6 seeds to transmute a Silverfrost Chest.
  3. Moonstone for nccoin?

    HELL NO. Work for your stuff, also ppl wouldnt have anything to make gold with. Stingers aren't worth any gold..now soulstones..how are we supposed to earn money if everything would be p2w?? Gj ncsoft
  4. Whooo so many lovely drawings and cute avatars ;A;
  5. Habt ihr auch extreme Lags?

    Bei mir laggt es auch seit heute unheimlich, ständig Delays und Standbilder..unspielbar. Läuft zwar manchmal zwischendrin wieder flüssig und bam - wieder 1 Min Standbild. Hoffe wird morgen besser, macht leider überhaupt keinen Spaß.
  6. drawing lyns/females, free, price me?

    *rolls secretly in* *throws lyn at you* If you're not dead after those others 'requests' ...;v; I also draw, so maybe I could help yah with the price~
  7. Wow, he looks fabulous and the details are really amazing! But somehow his head looks so..small compared to his body ;n;?
  8. Just a fast..messy drawing lolol. Lyn is love, lyn is life ~ ♥ It's been such a long time, can't draw anymore eheh //sweats