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  1. @Mayor Tee just to point out it's not my net issues. Also it did not lag before this *cricket* update. So far NCsoft have the most incompetent team of devs I've ever seen. Every patch worsen the game, and meanwhile bots are murdering the economy with absolutely no intervention from the dev side.
  2. I'm on my uni resnet with 50-100 mbs connection. Still lags.
  3. It is extremely laggy after the update for me. It keeps messing up my iframe during boss fights, and screws me over. Anyone have a clue on how to fix this?
  4. @Tahkira Well thanks for the tip, but how to deal with it isn't quite what I want to address, but rather the imbalance in open world PvP. *cricket* will always exist, and while that is an issue that should be addressed, NCsoft seems to be doing the opposite: encouraging people through the misty daily quest.
  5. @Immortal Technique Their strength is just ridiculous though, their attack is on par with bosses in term of damage. Of course the best option is always to run away hoping not to get stunned by the snipers, but still, fighting back is not even an option, unless your class has a ton of AoE. They just feels imbalanced, I wouldn't mind them being that strong if the boss is stronger (to the point that fighting the boss is more of a challenge than to run through the dungeon itself) but now it's just ridiculous.
  6. More than a few can stack CC you to death, and their damage output is crazy high, on par with bosses. Running through dungeons gives me the feels that the running is even harder than the boss itself, which is just ridiculous.
  7. @Exposing Hackers Maybe I chose the wrong wordings, the issue here is end game players one shot fresh 45s for their daily. There is no counter. If someone spots you, and wants you dead, you're as good as dead meat.
  8. Except that misty wood is the only location that rewards a stable amount of soul stone, other than soul stone plain. And your argument is equivalent to saying a spoiled child complaining that his mother does not give him candy, to a murder victim. The issue here is people are rewarded for kicking newer players around with too much power difference. Misty wood used to be 45 zone, so it was justifiable back then, but when there are 45 and 50 in the same zone, it becomes an issue. Scumbags will kick you around for their petty 2 soul stones, with no regards to how annoying it is. And there is no c
  9. Already trying to do that. But the issue here is despite everyone gets strong eventually, new players will always have to pass through that state. Which is just mere mobs that runs around for higher levels. Who are rewarded for killing. For ego boosters, fortunately those scums does not roam everywhere, but as you stated, people kill for daily. A really really stupid daily imo, which simply rewards for kicking newbies around.
  10. Currently as a fresh 45 in misty wood, I cannot leave too far without getting killed by a 50. The fact that a daily requires you to kill another regardless of level does not help at all. Too much power different is an issue in open world PVP, especially if it is just dailies. People is getting rewarded for killing lower levels just like how they would kill an NPC, no less. And let's not forget all those online "strong men" looking to kill weaker players to boost their ego. So here's a suggestion: Impose a penalty for PVP killing a player unprovoked with too much power different, or at least
  11. Well more like bad coding rather than a bug, but... inventory have various issues. Some items that is suppose to stack doesn't stack (mostly junk accessories), unsealing needs an empty inventory spot for... nothing, reward chest goes into overflow despite not overflowing... Seriously who coded this?
  12. While I do understand the needs for blocking during boss fights, I don't get the needs to kill off people waiting with the "orb of shadow". And for the bug report, I was just killed the "orb of shadow" inside the boss room. I was standing a bit close to the entrance when the battle started, but was still inside the room. Took two steps forward, then this thing blasted me from behind.
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