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  1. If they don't help me i wanna refound money for buying Master Pack .
  2. Dont' know but 2 days ago some try to log from US and i send them that IP in ticket also i make a mobile verification but yesterday i got a Lock Account soo.... Why no one from support contact me like normal person just 2 guys send same mail to me and i tell all i know . That was yesterday and form almost 29 hours no contact from Support ;/ did they have only 2 Man on support side i though support should work 24/7 . Sorry for bad English but im a bit disappointed all this situation and Clan members also a'r worried about this .
  3. Meybe WTFast or i just have a Dynamic IP but this is not problem when i set a correct Verification code.
  4. Meybe they got bether fun to watch people as potatos and don't even try to solve Lock Account problem ;/ i waiting 29 hours and no one help ;( i pay for game so i wanna back money or refound Locked time in game . I'm not gold seller or bot just use a WTFast to improve connection because shity internet in this country ;/
  5. Welcome in group member who have lock account and Support don't make any progres to solve it ;/
  6. 6 hours left and no answer from Support what time they work ??
  7. WTF is that i cant log in to game becouse i got this "Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked." What is wrong im not a bot/goldseller or cheater so why is lock ? Some Admin/Moderator can help me i make a Ticket to support around a 1 hour ago and nothing happen cant even log in website to contact support .
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