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  1. hacked

    just i dont get hacked a lot and i dont know how i should act and just wanted to ask maybe someone know more then emailing suport...... p.s and i personaly dont believe what its users fault ......coz hacker in this place is a thief...if thief is good i dont think its posible to protekt urself....u just want make ur life easyer and accidentally help to hacker.......not everyone is fking smart asses and didint born with computer brain and mouse in hand.....
  2. hacked

    if u go to market and someone stouls ur money so are guilty for going to market..? wtf.......i just asked is it posible to get back acc coz i dont know how....and everyone blames me for buying gold.....i dont need a reason why did it hapend i need help how to get back acc.....sheesh then did ppl become so mean.....
  3. hacked

  4. hacked

    then bf will be back he gona kill me for his acc be gone
  5. hacked

    and ip adres witch was logd in is from china beijing and am from europ 120,43,61,115
  6. hacked

    in da morning i couldnt accses my acc it said bad pasw tryed to changed failed,....i serched in email it said it was loged in from other ip and its not posible......i cant log in from that acc even in suport can someone say how do i get back that acc....
  7. just woke up in da morning and tryed to log in as usualy, the game said bad pasword but i know its i tryed to change it but it said its locked due to suspicious how do i go to acc if i cant evevn log in, in suport stuf...?