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  1. Sad thing is the destroyer likely outgears the others to be up there near them. Though I don't think any group is kicking Destroyers from clan BTs. Even the most elitist BT groups I have seen have 1 or 2. It's just that nobody is looking for Destroyers either and raids can do just fine with 0 and have no drawbacks.
  2. I mean, you can watch KR 6v6 and see it gets pretty crazy with the endgame Amulets and elemental gear. BMs 1 shotting everyone with hm z>Draw, destroyers popping fury and doing 100k+ to everyone around them, soulburn giving an extra 500%ap modifier to every hit and an extra 25% cdmg. So it isn't likely to change.
  3. What needs to happen to make Des playable

    DevilT, some of that shit would be insane lol. Especially 12sec smash in pvp. And BT hardly needs to be buffed when it is the gear that makes us on par with other classes. As far as OP, we are getting mighty cleave cdr baked into wrath so that will be similar to a reduced cd. I agree about moving it to rmb since you pretty much always want to use it asap, especially once we have the cdr amulet. Probably don't need a dmg buff for s4 stomp since we have restraint as our offensive boost. It would be cool to have it give an iframe shield similar to BD, though it'd likely have to share the same cd as hm blocks. Would be cool to be able to do damage to grabs, though later our damage seems balanced around not being able to do anything during grab and getting the 3sec of wrath after. They are basically buffing us in the best ways to avoid messing with arena pvp. Stuff like gear/pve stomp/mighty cleave/shadow spec. We'll have to see how it all shakes out after 12/14 patch, but at least we are going to get BT way sooner than many probably expected thanks to getting foundry so far so we will be on par in a few months.
  4. We still have most of our pvp abilities. The only things really lost were guard break knee and the ignore guard breaks for hm shield. We get the 3s invul bubble that we can attack during (great to tab bait after stun shield) and a lot of functionality has been combined to compensate. Things like Smash now doing stage 1 damage while also giving 100 focus and 10% damage life leech. We can also use pvp cleave while keeping mighty cleave as well which is nice. Not to mention this is all TEST SERVER and so is subject to change like when KFMs got their awakening skill changed from test because it sucked. It does no good for NA/EU players to worry about because it will change somehow for sure and we have no feedback on it. Once it comes out on 12/14 then would be a good time to worry. For people who talk about being willing to reroll if they could get gear transferred over, you should contact support. Support transferred my legendary pet to my warlock and broke my stage3 baleful axe back into the mats to make it. Didn't have legendary neck or ring but they may be able to transfer those too. I simply expressed my dissatisfaction with the class's current state.
  5. Destroyers in MSP

    Pretty godlike for gardening. Shield up at the farthest weed to group them up, mighty cleave+red spin and done. Just stagger anti-cc ember and fury to skill the squatch. Taunt kick is ok for adds or if you need to grab agro on turtle to reset rotation if somebody *cricket*s up. Where the Devs are located, Destroyers are balanced. That is why we are unlikely to see changes specifically for NA. Hopefully the changes to the skill system might help us if we get those soon after KR and they help Destros.
  6. PVE Build since patch?

    What were the actual dps numbers with those? I've been kind of interested in the build since the changes and it tends to benefit from the new ss quite a bit.
  7. Destroyers need some lovin too

    Ya, our iframes aren't as good as other classes but tab makes up for it in pve at least and makes us slightly different in pvp. BD has spin+q/e iframes but they don't get the long duration iframes in pve spec normally and don't have the 'anytime' damage or chain cc of des in pvp. And ya, not excusing current situation. Just saying we aren't likely to see skill buffs based on NAs situation and that, if you really like Des, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. Destroyers need some lovin too

    Believe me, I hold no delusions on how shitty Des is in pve right now. You can look through my posts if you want lol. Just saying that it is fixed later. (A lot later.) Also, C is a pretty long ass iframe. Same with Fury or Q.
  9. Destroyers need some lovin too

    Well, we lose very little of our pve dps abilities when speccing for pvp. Compare this to BD who gives up a lot of their draw stance stuff. Also, our damage delivery is fairly easy to get off, just be in melee range. I suppose they could buff pve ember somehow but that and iframe 1 are like the only things that would generally be considered 'unviable' in a pvp spec. Which is why they just changed to gear based balancing instead I imagine. Future gear gives us tons of multipliers that work together for the rmb skills which make up like 60% of our damage already along with giving us more wrath time.
  10. Pretty much. Like zero problems in Ebon. Even on last boss you can just ss->spin to catch up or use a charge.
  11. A lot of people seem to run the shield->wrath cancel badge from floor 20 actually, probably because you can run the 24sec shield and keep damage smash. Also, legendary bracelets + BT amulets/ss give massive ap boosts to our rmb which is like 60% of our damage. (Probably more once we get this gear.) On a side note, it was rough watching the jp Des in worlds last night. Went from getting 4th last year to going 0-6 in group stage. Hopefully the first seed jp Des can do better.
  12. The general idea is that we get to wrath cancel after Z slamming the grabbed mob. Regardless, they aren't likely to change our skills since Des is fine in KR even with no damage during grab. We basically get more and more wrath uptime along with a lot more focus regen so we can hold RMB more often in between wrath cancel periods. Up to you whether you enjoy the gameplay enough to wait the 6 months or more till we hit that point.
  13. Destroyer in SSP (good/bad)?

    Spec 1 and 2 for Iframes. Deflect spin. Have an itchy trigger finger on your iframes. Stay behind him, you can avoid his frontal 180 attack and then he will do a triple spin that you can deflect 2 hits of for free focus. Other than that just anicancel. For boar, hold rmb when he spawns, charge him after he charges, then pop fury/ember/smash and anicancel. Just eat the red hit. Spec stage 1 red spin for boar and just stay on his side while red spinning until he stops again. Then anicancel some more and iframe this red hit. Boar will probably die at that point.
  14. High CPU usage

    I've been told changing the affinity of Client and Gameguard so that Gameguard is on a completely separate core from Client can fix this.
  15. Destroyer DPS lackluster in PvE

    Ya, it's not like we don't have enough dps to do any particular content. Just annoying to do 50% of most class' dps while having to deal with silly gameplay decisions like not moving while using cleave and 0 base crit. Obviously this gets fixed with later gear, but can definitely get why people would be frustrated. I've kind of waffled about rerolling personally to a summ or bd.